Daesung Controversy gives YG biggest drop yet

Daesung Controversy gives YG biggest drop yet

Well well, Daesung little building in Gangnam has cause new bouts of stress for YG Entertainment, a company that’s already going through way too much this year. Like bro, I think this company is basically our beloved president Trump. If it’s not send her back, it’s rat infested Baltimore like YG Entertainment right now is one hot mess after another. In the latest news, owners from the “restaurant” that is in Daesung building has recently came out to say that “Daesung knew what they were doing”. Apparently the business has consider moving when Daesung acquire the building for fear (correctly I guess) that celebrity ownership will bring scricter scrutiny but Daesung team convince them to stay. As of right now, those illegal business has suddenly shut down admist investigation.

If the police also having got themselves into big shiz as of late, they are again badly connected to this incident. Earlier this year, it was reported that the police have investigated the building and clear it off doing any suspicious activities. The police officer must have got access to the building in the morning hours! Police investigated the building when they got a tip that there was illegal drug usage going on but found nothing out of the ordinary. Wow, the Police must have been high, or their force is lacking because half of them are going to investigate some stupid shiz like VOTER RECOUNT IN PRODUCER 101.

In retrospect, what Daesung is doing is not even close to being mess up or illegal to what “Badman” Seungri was doing. There are plenty of “entertainment” salon (basically SEX SALON for the right price) that’s legally operated in South Korea, that’s not the problem. The problem here is that the business REGISTER as a restaurant, not as a sex parlor. If you register yourself as a place where people go to eat, you can serve them a 12-course meal of sex. Daesung might be held reliable as the building owner and under “Building Act” he is required to see it that all businesses in the building are operating properly i.e what it’s license for. Not only that, Daesung is under suspicision for dodging his taxes. To be honest, that’s not even criminal like every rich person definitely dodge their taxes if you look into it. As a person once tell me, you can’t be making more than 10 million dollars without some illegal activites in it. No matter though, it has gotten to the point for YG that any little “mistake” becomes something much much bigger. YG stocks faced its biggest drop yet to date.

Summary of all YG blowing themselves up here

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