Producer 101 X accused of fixing the "votes"

Producer 101 X accused of fixing the “votes”

No offense seem like pure fan service for those fans that cannot live with the results of X1, the boy band that is set to debut this october from the latest season of Producer 101. Even as the show finish airing, the viewers angrily took the internet to express some suspicious anomaly that arose from the final show tallies. Apparently the differences between the votes between the various top 20 position were deem “too smiliar”. Apparently many positions were around 29978 votes away from each other and if they were not they were similiar to the differences at other positions. I’m sorry there’s clearly bigger and more pressing issue to talk about. Who the fuck cares if the votes are somehow jacked up?? It’s so frustrating to me, now that Mnet literally came out saying “yo yeah it’s jack up” and then took it upon themselves to hire a private investigation into the matter. The situation now involves the police who pledge to use their full resource. I know they don’t care about right-ing the wrong, this is literally free press for X1 group so that they will be as big as Wanna One. Ok I can see three situations from this…

[expander_maker] 1) The vote is jack up, and Mnet rescind some “announce” trainees in favor of others

Think about that real quick…. I think a lot of people were in love with Jin Hyuk or something and was disappointed that he didn’t get to debut. As always there will be people who root for somebody and then they don’t end up winning the show, and as always these people get upset that their “OPPA” didn’t make it and then go find evidence of cheat on the show part. Now believe me, I think Mnet jack up the vote, hell they counted each text in vote as 6 VOTES??? That’s already jacked up!

Ok imagine this situation, maybe after this whole encounter resolved, it was discovered that the top 10 is actually not the top ten. Some people were cheated out of their places. Believe me, I know first hand account on getting cheated out of votes, it sucks. It really sucks, and those trainees-oppa that suffer so much to then NOT debut because they were cheated out? That really really sucks. But then let’s say Mnet corrected the lineup and kick some people out? Don’t you guys also care for the people that will be kicked out??? They too train probably just as hard as the others and then finally they did it, and then receive news that woops “THOT IT WAS!”. You know think how devastated Miss Columbia was when she finished her paegant strutting here and there for MEN and then end up being faked out of the crown. Do the people who are propagating this news care about what will happen or they only cared for their “oppa”??? Sure I give, the truth don’t care about feelings, but this is over and there are more pressing issue for the police to focus on!

2) Nothing happens, and Mnet issue an apology

I think they already did this (opening up the investigation on their own) and I think this is actually the scenario Mnet is shooting for. Free Press and nothing happen to them, maybe a small fine that can be paid EASILY. If the Free Press works out, X1 might be as big as Wanna One. Think about the CASHY CASHY!!! This incident will be all worth it! Maybe the fans that are riled up about this would want this scenario too.

3) X1 do not get to debut at all

Now this is a bit extreme of a situation. If somehow Mnet is willing to right the wrong (if there is wrong which to be honest there always is maybe not this but something else) and change the debut lineup you think the displaced trainees won’t sue? Hell I WOULD SUE for causing me mental distress. Like thank you Mnet, I’m already distress from dancing and singing for 12 hours straight everyday and now you pull a fast one?? Not cool! Also the contract now is probably already signed, and to rescind it is another wave of courts. If the situation gets too gross the debut date of X1 will definitely be shifted back if not indefinitely. Then what? Mnet might just say “not worth” and call it quits on the entire group. Will they take a hit? Yes. Will it be a small hit? Hell yes. I mean CJ EM (the conglomerate that owns Mnet) is WAY WAY big enough to take this hit. I mean uh Producer 101 this time around did average in the ratings and it wasn’t even that high. Heck YG Entertainment (who is much smaller than CJ EM) cancel the debut of Mix Nine, the group that was made from their little survival show back in 2017. “the myth, the legend, the boy” ex-CEO Yang got a lot of heat for it, but hell YG was still in the Big 3 entertainment company. I’m sorry I know it isn’t fair to the other trainees, but if I have been watching the show I rather see my X1 group debut and sing then destroy them over a voting incident.

See the whole lineup here Did you watch Producer 101? What do you think about this season and about this whole controversy?


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