[Review] EXO S&C running it back with some success

[Review] EXO S&C running it back with some success

AH, the second debut song for the EXO sub-unit S&C. Their last song was a big ole flex and they decided to run it back this time with more chill.

Still no dancing, but I like the catchy tunes at least. The drum and the piano makes for a cool chillax beat that’s way better (or at least sounds better) than their other debut song “What a Life”. You know it sounds like an actual romantic date in the evening, which is I guess the song whole central theme. The soft drum+keyboard sound and Chanyeol+Sehun soft vocals do paint this image in my mind. I also like the fact that the songs alternate between these melancholy vocals and rap verses, which provides some power to the song that I am use to when listening to EXO. Although I feel like the raps part are lackluster (not fast enough but I guess it those fit with the tempo of the song), my main disagreement with the song is it sounds a tad too generic and also the fact that there is no dancing. Even though this isn’t a substantial improvement from their last debut song, it a huge improvement at least music wise and for that matter lyric wise.

Which of the two debut songs you like best? What is your favorite solo EXO releases up to date? (Not counting EXO releases, more like their individual members like Baekhyun with UN Village)

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