China gaming industry goes "Party Loving"

China gaming industry goes “Party Loving”


Ahhhhhh, ChinaJoy. Basically China biggest gaming convention/expo where for three days, sexual repressed teens (cause Porn hub is ban in China) can go ooooogle at the conspicious amount of new games being unveil and the equally conspcious number of female models present to do cosplay (yes it’s actually more females than males). Sadly though this year IS NO FUN as China continue to crack its censorship whip. Apparently in an effort to curb “vulgar girls”, the expo has enforced strict rules for models present at the event. “No Skirts, No belly buttons, or else No SHOW!”. Not only that to prevent those boys from wetting themselves and having dirty thought, the models are forbidden to eat carrots or bananas, basically anything that resembles a dick. I guess we can get around that by just making the model drink milk or something. In addition to that, no condoms are to be pass out during the event which honestly what the fuck? Is this a gaming convention or a sex zone? Who passes out condoms at a gaming convention? Like when will those nerds and geeks ever use them except as play things to make balloon boobies and pretend to be a female because honestly that’s the only time where CONDOMS SHOULD BE USE!

The sex part of the convention aside, this year not only is the film industry get slapped in the face by the censorship dildo, it seems like gaming industry haven’t faired much better. The Chinese Government is concern about the amount of violence in espcially popular FPS games as well as the rising “gaming addiction” problem. They have made moves from disencouraging companies from developping or even promoting FPS games, to enforcing a time limit where players will be unceremoniously kicked out of their games after playing it for a #of hours. China- and the world for that matter- biggest gaming corporation, Tencent, have been feeling the heat from these censorships. Over the past year Tencent have seen its share drop by over 40%- which by this time have made some recovery- and not only that have seen a few of its intended new failing to receive government approval before it could go into the market. This time around though, the gaming company aims to get it right by doing what Huayi Brothers been doing after seeing big losses in revenue, working directly with the government. At ChinaJoy, the company feature its upcoming releases such as “Homeland Dream” and “Story of My Home”. Working with both the state-owned “People’s Daily”, “Homeland Dream” goes full on farmville. In the game the players get to manage a small coastal town on Chinese terriotory, more specifically on the South China Sea which is basically a direct propagonda on China part to push the narrative that the contested region is a part of their land (the claims ALSO INCLUDE TAIWAN, good bye Taiwan I MEAN CHINESE TAIPEI). The second game was a product of work with the propaganda department, which basically tells the history of China though a more party friendly version where probably the Koumintang are blood thirsty savages that the player have to defeat.

Other gaming companies are finally bowing down to the pressure of censorship also and this year China Joy looks more like a big old propagonda show with a hidden layer of sex as per to other years where it was mainly sex with a hidden layer of gaming. And it looks like China government will continue its oversight on the industry as the head publisher of China Propagonda Department notes that it is about time that gaming corporations “…. need to seriously consider social effects … and always steer in the right direction in politics, value, content theme, and quality, and never provide platforms and channels for wrong views and low taste”.

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