[Review] "Bim Bam Bum" a new saga begins

[Review] “Bim Bam Bum” a new saga begins

Woolim new girl group that is suppose to suceed Lovelyz it seem like, a group that is sadly probably forever stuck in nugudom (not that well known). Rocket Punch is a bold statement to politics featuring a debut of one of the captain of AKB48 (japan biggest idol group) espcially at a time where South Korea and Japan relations have been rapidly souring. Heck this japanese member- her name is Juri- seem like she was on “American Paegant” or something for at M-Countdown Debut Stage she was asked by a reporter about her take on the relations between the two countries. It is such a complex question and layer one that I don’t know why a reporter would ever ask that on a show, if you want to ask that do it on a private interview you don’t got to put the person on blast and give him/her like what 40 seconds to respond? Anyways the group does have a slight advantage over other debuting group in that most of their members are already known-ish. Half of them were on Producer 48 the cross Producer 101 season that was manage by both Japan and Korea, the show that eventually created Izone. None of them were ranked that high though, but I got to give it to them they really seem to have practice their craft for this debut. Standing at an impressive 4.5 milion views at day 2, which does seem like a promising start.

The one thing that struck out to me was how many different type of synthetic beats were in this song. Each verse seems like to have a different beat, and oh man do I love the chorus with their little “beep beep” sound right there in the background. I do like how as the song progresses, the beat gets a little faster and stronger. It’s like leveling up in a game quite honestly and there are some pretty nice moments in this song that I really like for example that chorus part and also how they weave in the “love love love” near the end and just when the song beat seem to dip in the beat, it goes back up to end the song on a high note. Even though there were many differenty type of beats, Rocket Punch actually manages it quite well and weave all of it into a cohesive song that is not full of vigor and energy, it is actually… kind of unique. To be honest this is one of the better debut, if not probably the best debut that I have heard this year (didn’t really like EVERGLOW, nor G-IDLE, nor ITZY that much). I also really apprieciate the choreography, it seems newer groups do tend to put a lot into their debut and while it doesn’t look that complex the moves are still there and the girls spend more time dancing then just standing around. It’s a great start, espcially debut wise although the group concept is much too like ITZY (girl crush but innocent in there too) and you don’t want to be in that group shadow espcially since they got a lot of leverage as a girl group from the big 3.