[Review] KPop Girl Group goes "Bungee Jumping"

[Review] KPop Girl Group goes “Bungee Jumping”

Fresh off from their win with “Fifth Season” is the relatively overlooked girl group that is OMG (Oh My Girl). It’s been like 4 years since their debut now and still striving for that big break. Even though they had actually a US tour (only 6 girl group have done one) which had less than stellar attendance rate but hey, they weren’t that known in the first place. This song though, does see an uptick in views so maybe their hardwork is paying off…. if only a little….

I must confess that the only song I actually heard from them ever is “Fifth Season”, which I happen to like cause it was a kind of unique ballad actually. Here though they ditch all that uniqueness for a more generic summer style comeback. To be honest, for me it works. It’s definitely a “summer song” with it’s more tropical theme and soft electric. Heck the song even have the “hola” to sound more “tropical” (wow that sounded racist) or something. They have a nice transition between the rap verses and the main chorus, although I felt like the second rap verse transition was a bit weird with the english speaking. I really like the drum beat in the background, although it never got more intense it kept the energy of the song at a stable level and it uses other synthetic sound instead to rise the level of the chorus over other parts of the song. I like the music video, it stuck to the theme of the music with them having fun. Even the dresses were summer theme, like picnic tops and sailor custome but then again that’s almost all KPop videos. The only factor of this song that I have to say I really do not like was the choreograph. It wasn’t that hard of moves, and sometimes I felt like they were “trying to hard” to appeal to whoever they can espcially the dabbing by Mimi (the blonde dye haired girl) that totally turn me off. I wonder if Korea is hip to the dabbing trend now, cause in america literally only middle schoolers even do it anymore. I got to say it’s a pretty good song in my book, nothing experimental or stand-out from any other KPop song but it does its job as a nice energizing summer bop.