TWICE announces comeback with Mina (?)

TWICE announces comeback with Mina (?)

“For the KPOP Lord said onto TWICE “if thou seek to have untold powers, a sacrifice must be made!!”. So TWICE reluctantly prepare a beautiful Swan with the finest black feathers! 😉 😉

Wow, classic JYP really overworking TWICE right now. Not only have they just finished their North American leg of TWICELIGHTS World Tour (the last two concert were Newark and Chicago), they just had their Korean comeback 4 months ago and their Japan one around two months ago. I must say, this KPop business, wew mind if I catch a breather real quick??

The biggest issue on this next comeback is will TWICE’s Mina be there. Mina has been out from group promotions and the three concerts in North America due to sudden anxiety and mental health problems. She is supposed to be out until February of next year and this sudden news of a comeback leaves many people questioning if her presence will be missing even though she recently came back to South Korea with her mother. JYP Entertainment has not said anything on the matter and many fans are biting their nails. A lot of idols who take breaks like this and miss out on one comeback usually mean that they are BYE BYE alhtough the company usually leaves a door for them to comeback if they want in the future. What the fans don’t understand though that in order for TWICE to become SNSD (Girl’s Generation), we MUST HAVE A JESSICA! In all honesty, many people are taking solace in the fact that there were plenty of tears on TWICELIGHTS tour whenever Mina abscence was felt and whenever the stadium lit up mint-green. But then again, SNSD members also cried when Jessica left the group and we all know those two parties got some bad blood going on.

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