[Review] Seventeen and the wild "Hit"

[Review] Seventeen and the wild “Hit”

Ah, if you think 9 members was already too much in a KPop group, it’s time for the overloaded 13 member group- Seventeen. I really wonder why they aren’t 17 membered instead then. Apparently, Seventeen is the member count (13 members) + sub unit count (3 sub unit) + “SEVENTEEN” the group. Which is a BS mathmatical equation, they were just totally looking for the “1” from somewhere else cause we all know SIXTEEN IS TRADEMARK BY TWICE! HAHAHA

Classic EDM music here, which is why I don’t really like it. What I do apprieciate though, is the choreograph although with so many members I have trouble distinguishing the group members from the backstage dancers (are they the ones in red??) if there were any at all. I do apprieciate the fact that most Seventeen songs are written by them and even some of the choreography is done by members. I got to say, those are some “powerful” moves. The song is definitely a “summer” song I would say, that is if you link summer with druken concert parties where you are too drunk and there’s too much lights flashing around and you are just widely waving your hand in the air like everyone else. That is what this song feel like, in retrospect when I’m sober I really don’t like it. The chorus isn’t that good, it doesn’t even feel like it increase the build up energy but the dance drop is again pretty nice during that part. I don’t know, I never really like these type of songs with like different beat for the vocals and then the beat get intenstly synthetic for the rap. It’s kind of like Monsta X’s “X-phenomenon” and many other boy group songs that has that intense EDM (Electronic Dance Music) touch to it I know it’s made for a specific set of audience, and sadly I am just not a part of that audience.

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