Produce X 101 fans get a dose of hard truth

Produce X 101 fans get a dose of hard truth

Wait what can you guys believe this???? Reality TV Shows are…… SCRIPTED???????? BRO WHAT???

Remember how the police did search and seizure on the Mnet headquarters upon request by Mnet because fans were accusing them that the votes were fixed? Well it seems it was true, for an audio file just appear among the seized materials that had discussions between directors and PD about rigging the votes. Apaprently they didn’t take Chemistry Lab 101, to fake data, you must not let it look perfect! Like bro, if you going to fake the votes, at least make it look random??? It’s not that hard even, run a RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR! Anyways that has urge the police to look in for a second seizure for more evidence on August 12th.

I guess this just confirms to delusional fans out there that results are probably preplanned, which again isn’t that suprising because it’s a reality TV show. Speaking of delusional fans, they have band together and raise an impressive 100 million won to debut a X1 reject group called BY9. This supposed group would be composed of people who were in the top 20, but ultimately didn’t make it into X1. At first I was laughing my ass off, until I found out the practice was common…. Apparently in the second season where Wanna One was born, a reject group called JBJ was debuted. Again I don’t think this is a good idea because JBJ literally went nowhere and to condemn these members to a reject group instead of going back to their groups with splendor and maybe a jump to nugudom for their group with newfound fame is kind of cruel. But then again who knows if it will happen or not? Even though companies of these rejected trainees do like the idea of BY9, there’s reports that it will not happen after all.


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