[Review] EVERGLOW date when badly

[Review] EVERGLOW date when badly

Ah EVERGLOW where were you at the last KCON 2019 that past 2 days ago? Oh that’s right, YOU WERE HIT BY PRESIDENT TRUMP RESTRICTIONS, YEAHHHHHH GET DABBBBBBBBBEDDDDD. Along with Chungha TOO!

Ahem maybe I should begin again, ahem my bad here I go. Ah EVERGLOW, what a KPop group would look like if you put in the failure of Produce 48, Produce 101, and Idol School! Coming up from their first hit “Bon Bon Chocolat” let’s just say I was expecting something else than what “Adios” have to offer. I expected half cute half girl crush combination but apparently everybody will die if groups do any other concept than girl crush!

Oh SINFUL WORLDD!! But before I get into it, I just want to say good job EVERGLOW, not from a top 3 company but as I see it (in term of youtube views) highly highly impressive. Then again Youtube views reflect West and not popularity in Korea, but still good job! I’m very IMPRESS BY THESE NOONAS.

Let me just say, wow a big break from “Bon Bon Chocolat” full on hate right now. The President tarriffs on Yiren must have hit her hard, for this song is all about these girls trying so hard yet in the end the guy is always making them feel unimportant so they basically say “Bye Felica” hence the title “Adios” which means goodbye in Spanish. So much for “adios amigoes, adios my friend, adios amigoes, till we see again”. I just want to say, good job with the french and spanish but I am pretty sure they didn’t pronounce it right. Does anyone get Star Wars vibe from this music video when they are wearing white and black and dancing indoors (not in the desert). I swear that is what it would look like if Leader Snoke has call in dancers for some private entertainment ;).

Ok ok, the choreography was alright, it was a little basic but at least they seem to have put work into it and the dances fit with the concept. The overall song though is eh, like I do like that although the rap lines have different beat than from the whole song, it is wove in very well with the chorus. I like the trumpet and the drum beat and I think that’s what so Star Wars about this. It seem very “congratualatory” like a song for a new era where everyone is happy and beating drums and all hail NEW LEADER (they EVEN HAD A HAND SALUTE!) Other than that, the lyrics is kind of weak….. I would have personally prefer if they have less rap lines, and more singing to be honest because the part where they actually sing and not attempt to rap are probably the best part of the song. Also the “nanananananananaan part”, that could have been replace with actual lyrics line instead they cop out for the traditional here comes the “na na na na” part in pop nonsense. The chorus though is a bit weak, the three words of “goodbye, au revoir, adios” doesn’t fit well with the tempo of the song, those three words have too many syllables to fit and I think they skim over “au revoir” and “adios”.

Overall though, it’s an OK song. Really not my vibe, but it’s not so bad and everywhere. They have room to improve, but then it’s only their second song.

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