[Review] Red Velvet likes Oompa Loompas for the Summer

[Review] Red Velvet likes Oompa Loompas for the Summer

Maybe it was the wild ride of “Zimzalabim”. Maybe the chant totally fail to cast its spell. This time around in the amusement park that is ReVeLuv Festival, this next main attraction seems pretty tamed. After lackluster performance of “Zimzalabim” this seems like a straightforward summer pop song and it honestly kind of works.

I like to call Red Velvet the “Queens of Weird Ass Title names” like what is this “Umpah Umpah” suppose to mean???? Is it a heart sound? Cause any MEDICAL STUDENT WILL TELL YOU THAT IT IS “LUB DUB”! Is it a car going over a hump? Maybe, the music video feature Red Velvet going on a chaotic summer vacation so who knows? Are they possibly expressing their love for Oompa Loompas from “Charlie and the Chocolate factory”? It is totally up to the viewer discretion and in this case I choose that since let’s be honest there’s a lot of similarities between Red Velvet and Oompa Loompas. Both of them are around 2 feet each, likes vibrant colors, have around 5-6 members, and sing songs.

Anyways ok actually diving into the songs now. I like it, it’s generic espcially in the concept (I would say Bungee by Oh My Girl is basically the same concept of this song) while Red Velvet is always the group to put a spin on a “establish concept” or going with a crazy one like fruits (Red Flavor, Power Up). Also some of the lyrics feel kind of generic some of the lyrics line “Feel the Rhythm…… Something Unforgettable” seems like it came straight from an American Pop song. The beat is catchy though, espcially the chorus line it mixes well together with the whole song. There’s up and there’s downs but it never felt like different composition being taped together unlike “Zimzalabim”. Also the music video actually makes sense, it’s them going on a summer vacation but rain ruined many days until it didn’t. Zimzalabim was just weird….. Overall maybe it was the wack of “Zimzalabim” that makes this song actually quite good in contrast although I would say “umpah umpah” throughout the song even when it’s not the chorus line is kind of weird (I think they do it pretty often like “Rookie”). While I would prefer more lyrics in the lyrics than “Umpah Umpah” (cause I don’t even know what that’s suppose to mean…..) it’s alright (oooof maybe I have been too harsh on EVERGLOW “Adios”)

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