Mnet's "Queendom" is basically the Bachelorette Part 2

Mnet’s “Queendom” is basically the Bachelorette Part 2

Oh my another Mnet “Reality TV Show” while they are under investigation for literally messing with the votes on their other survival shows? Wow that’s a really big “middle finger” to the RESPECTABLE Korean Police department right there. Anywho, Mnet’s “Queendom” is not that popular of a show (with abysmal rating of 0.5%) and already they are messing with votes yet again! Hey Police I know you are busy trying to investigate voter fraud in ALL of Mnet’s Producer Season, is it possible if you can conduct another search and seizure?

This is a show, billed as basically battle of the bands, showcasing girl groups in contention with other to see who dominate the chart. The show contestant for this first and probably only season are Mamamoo, GIDLE, Park Bom from 2NE1, Lovelyz, AOA, and Oh My Girl. There are 3 voting caterogies which breakdown to “special trainee judges”, “audience votes”, and “self evaluation” It would have been probably any normal music show, with performances lots of cheering if not for Park Bom coming in literally gun blazing…. Here is a brief image summary of the crime scene….

Basically when Oh My Girl members introduce themselves, Park “Bomb” proceeded to absolutely end the girls career with two words, “What group?”. Park “Bomb” later apologize saying she was very sleepy and couldn’t think clearly. While others would say Park Bom was being rude, I would say she was straight up savage!

The show ended with the rankings being revealed, and apparently it’s not an Mnet Survival Show without some vote hacking because GIDLE came out on top follow by Mamamoo, Oh My Girl, AOA, Park Bom, and lastly Lovelyz. Imagine GIDLE, who strictly speaking of awards and accondalates, is nowhere as close to Mamamoo or Peak AOA (you know before they were down to 5), taking the #1 spot. GIDLE is definitely the story of David beating up Goliath and his other bigass twin brother in one go.

Readers: Wait a second coolguy1234 that’s an unrealistic story David only beat up Goliath!

Exactly, that’s how unrealistic those final ratings were folks. Watch the group performances below!

Old Woman AOA (5 members remaining)

Unrealistic GIDLE

Park “Da” Bom(b)

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“Park Bom daughters” Oh My Girl


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