When you send Mueller to a divorce two celebrities Edition!

When you send Mueller to a divorce two celebrities Edition!

I know this whole shenanigan was a week ago but I didn’t get around to really covering but have you guys heard of the latest not so high profile divorce between Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun? Ooooooh boy, is there let’s just say a lot of tea. I guess Korean divorce is comically very ugly because just days ago, Song Jong Ki was spotted wearing a green hat which is weird because St. Patrick Day has not come yet.

Imagining opening up your closet, wearing a normal white shirt, with normal black pants and looking at your hat selection and picking green. That’s going from “YAY, you got it-> “OK A LITTTTTLE BIT MORE”-> “NO FUCK NO JUST NO WHAT THE FUCK NO DOWN DOWN DOWN”. Song Jong Ki has relatively stay silent on his divorce matters but through the grape vine he has drop subtle hints that he was cheated on. This image just further fan the flames because he is literally the visual definition of a cuckold with that green hat…..

Anyways on to the topic at hand, Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun. While nowhere NEAR Song Jong Ki level, both couples actually have made their name a little bit. Ahn Jae Hyun starred in various dramas such as “Princess and the Four Knights” while Ku Hye Sun starred as the main female lead in “Boy Over Flowers” which is a must know if you watch KDramas at all. The incident started up when Ku Hye Sun striked first, announcing to the Korean public how “mean” Ahn Jae Hyun has been and how she’s a pitiful woman with “no sexy nipples” (yes she literally said that) and how Ahn Jae Hyun is tryna flake after cheating on her with person A. That magically did its job as public wave turned against Ahn Jae Hyun, which didn’t help by the fact that he is close friends with Jung Joon Young (BURNING SUN SCANDALLLLLL). Ahn Jae Hyun got let say, drop by many many CFs and Brands espcially like “Merbliss” who said that Ahn Jae Hyun no longer fit with their “Romanticism” theme. Ku Hye Sun, after successfully establishing herself as the innocent party, proceeded to tell the pubic that she absolutely refuse to divorce Ahn Jae Hyun. If it sounded a tad too desperate and painted Ahn Jae Hyun a tad too evil to be real, it probably is.

Come a couple of days ago, after what seems like 2 years preparing his statement with Mueller, Ahn Jae Hyun finally releases all the private texts between the two. Wow the whole shenanigans is at least 10 scroll bar pages long, a few more dramatic pages and he can publish it into a book. Also as a note, I can’t believe Ahn Jae Hyun could released those private messages without any regrets. I know as an American boi, releasing private messages between you and your gf will also reveal to the public the length of your penis.

These messages certainly paint Ahn Jae Hyun in a better light than what netizens+ Ku Hye Sun has been saying. Here’s the link to the whole thing. I’ll share some of the more, juicy tidbits….

Ku Hye Sun should look for a Business Job

Can I just say, that Ku Hye Sun would make for an excellent merchant? You know those ones at the vendor that make you feel bad so that you will buy the items that they are selling at an abnormally higher price?

Merchant: “OHH I CAN’T POSSIBLY SELL YOU THE ITEM AT THAT PRICE, IT’S MY LIFE WORK. But if you DO want to buy it, how about $100?”
Me: OK
Merchant: “CHAKAMA CHAKAMA, this is my children favorite piece of work, they would be SO SAD if I sold it for THAT amount of money for you see to them its PRICELESS. How about $200?”

Well well, among many things Ku Hye Sun changes her mind on the topic of divorce faster than a girl changes out her clothes. At first she would say she DOESN’T WHAT TO GET A DIVORCE

Ku: I don’t want to get divorced.
Ahn: I want to get divorced.

And then right after would proceed to say….. WELL IF YOU DO WANT TO THEN……

G: Give me 100 million Won.
A: Okay.

But then proceed to say……

G: I can’t as long as my father is alive. I’m sorry. Let’s just live like other people do.
G: I’ll live in the apartment until my house is built. Take care outside.
G: My father is the most important person to me. More than my own life, so I can’t get a divorce

So apparently Ahn Jae Hyun just got tricked into giving his wife 100 million won allowance money. Next Ku Hye Sun then proceeded to say…

G: And the interior. The Yongin interior. Wages for housework. The wedding expenses. Donation fees. Give it all back to me.
A: I’ll give it all back.
G: Thank you.
A: All…
G: Then will you give me the apartment? Make your own money, and buy a new one.
A: I don’t have enough money yet.
G: You can earn more. You said you would give me everything? You said you will give me everything if we divorce?

Yes ma’am because when people say “all” there’s usually some limit to the request. Ku Hye Sun is probably that kid that you told “Santa is REAL” and then the child grows up to be 25 and finally face an existential crisis when he/she travel to the North Pole just to see no Santa and then come back and make you feel super bad that you “lied”. But apparently, Ku Hye Sun still didn’t want a divorce citing her father again. She only wanted everything then like 10 years down the line when her father dies THEN she will accept to the divorce…

A: I don’t have money.
G: Give it all. I’ll divorce you when my father passes away.

Oh the drama doesn’t end there because a few days later, apparently Ku Hye Sun apparently changed her mind and became Ms. No-nonsense….

G: Let’s talk about the divorce. Call me. I’ve changed my mind. I’ve made up my mind, so call me.
A: I’ll call you when I get home. I’m going somewhere.
G: Okay. Ignore all of the comments I made when I was angry or drunk. I am very thankful for you, very sorry, and I loved you. I’ll clear up the house as fast as I can. Thank you for letting me live there.

Then she proceeded to be the grown up woman that she is and requested a more “reasonable” amount…

The total comes to 106.7 million Won, but minus the 20 million Won I borrowed, it will be 86.7 million Won.
G: When will I get the money?
A: I’ll give it to you tomorrow.
G: Okay.
A: I understand. That’s the most money I can give you.
G: Okay. I’ll have my things sorted and leave on August 5. Leave Anjoo.

Then they get into all this lovey dovey breakup sex of a message with the typical “No it’s my fault”, “OH NO DON’T SAY THAT IT’S MINE”. Oh my bad for Ku Hye Sun “yes you are right it’s ALL YOUR FAULT”.

G: I would like for you to be happy. You are even more of a fool. That’s what. It’s okay…
A: It hurts… I’m sorry.
G: Me too. It hurts.


G: I’m not getting a divorce.
A: Why did you change your mind? I don’t want to feel depressed anymore. I want a divorce.

Yes give it up to Ms. Ku Hye Sun. She on the divorce issue like Ms. Hillary Clinton is on the “LGTBQ Marriage Issue” back in 2016

It seem the reason for divorce is at the fault of both sides and not because Ahn Jae Hyun told her that she didn’t have a sexy nipple. Also apparently after the text was released and things were looking up for Ahn Jae Hyun, she proceeded to say that “HE CHEATED ON ME WITH SO AND SO AND IN MY HAND IS A LIST OF ALL THE EVIDENCE”. It seem like now though, the divorce is imminent. I must say that as an America the marriage has lasted for 3 years between these two celebrity couple. That’s 100x longer than most celebrity marriages here!

Ku Hye Sun-ahjumma, I think your father will not be happy with you.

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