[Review] Back From the DE(ad)-VILS

[Review] Back From the DE(ad)-VILS

Ah YES I HAVE ARISEN! I utmost apologize for being absent these past few weeks, law+organic chemistry+biochemistry is seriously taxing. But I finally have found time, what GLORIOUSNESS TO BE BACK IN THE REALM OF THE LIVING.

And CLC is tryna send me RIGHT BACK.

Cube’s CLC is back with another comeback, and yes I know its been a month since its released but dang is it good. You know what, I never liked them much anyways since their music feature heavy EDM and the chorus was kind of poor. CLC’s “Me”- their previous comeback- sucked for me because much like EVERGLOW’s “Adios” the beat drop sucked. But here, with “Devil”, finally a song I can stand by.

Going in I noticed that it wasn’t heavy EDM, but I have been down this road before. The guitar string, and the low level synth was perfectly blended and with a snap and a clap the beat level rise. It was actually a smooth transition, the energy not to high for the two beat to mismatch. Everything was going pretty well, just like “Me” and then the chorus hit.

And suprisingly, finally, they got it right! The drum after that brief explosive intro, kept a steady beat. The trumpet that came up sounded like a parade song, and the synth never seem to dominate the whole instrument party. Not only the music was just the right tone for me, the chorus was good too! Starting from down low, they gradually turned it up and it actually matched with the instrumental background unlike their other song. The music video had a nice story to it which I like and the members look like they had fun tricking each other and trying to kill each other- ah how Red Velvet of them. I really like how they transform from cute/playfulness into dark gothic doll killers, it really fit with the theme of the song on “trying to work with you here” to “fuck you” in the chorus. Although I must say, can you guys please chill with the dolls and the eyeballs, I really don’t need anatomy on top of everything else I am trying to do. The chorus was catchy, soft but brimming with energy. The music was finally chill down and settle with no unexpected high EDM drops anywhere. The dance was alright. You know what with a few more hits like this, I’ll would probably Cheshire.

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