TS Fuckery, but somehow they still get people?

TS Fuckery, but somehow they still get people?

Recently, TS Entertainment has been facing a variety of issues. That is, termination issues. Rapper “Sleepy”, best known for getting only 4 hours of sleep, has recently told TS Entertainment to fuck off. Not only that, two members (Sumin and Nahyun) from TS Entertainment current girl group that nobody has heard off because they are banish to the dugeon- Sonamoo- has filed for contract termination. Sleepy hasn’t exactly been quiet, making his own entertainment company and even releasing a distrack, recruiting former BAP and SECRET members to support it (they were under TS Entertainment). It’s funny that he’s a rapper cause if his flow was so ill, SLEEPINESS is the opposite of what somebody should feel listening to it.

Not only that he promoted that song on Music Core, basically dissing TS Entertainment publicly and calling for what seem like a PSA on “Beware TS Entertainment”.

TS Entertainment has not really been taking these blows silent and is currently suing Sleepy for supposed embezzlement. When you take over 90% of what your idols earn, I think the only embezzleler here is you TS Entertainment.

No offense to anyone that unfortunately choose TS as the company they want to debut with, you kind of ask for it on this one boss. I mean look at BAP, look at SECRET. Those two groups rivaled the big name of the era of EXO and SNSD as the dominant boy and girl groups. What did TS Entertainment do to both of them? Basically not let them promote for three years so that the group totally died out. Heck groups that enter TS Entertainment always are not heard of again after a few songs in the company infamous dungeon. Really makes you wonder if it is a Chinese government sponsored entertainment company in disguise. I have no idea why TS insist on doing this, I mean all companies are looking for the next big group. Heck SM is desperately trying to find a foothold in a new market with such a rush fervor that they named their group “Sperm”. TS? No! It seems like they DO NOT WANT big groups for some weird ass reason.

Now I know nobody deserve to be hit by a bus. But if you got into the entertainment company knowing its flaws, you kinda went in the middle of the street during busy manhattan traffic and say come and get me. Yeah you kind of fucked yourself over. That’s why now you have to do a collab with a game to even TRY and get music out there….

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