[Review] When-you-grab-the-most-arcane-word-off-the-internet

[Review] When-you-grab-the-most-arcane-word-off-the-internet

Remember when you were/is a little kid and you went through sophiscated Winnie The Pooh phase on multiple occassions?

Like you just learn a new word or just did something for the first time and then you go and flex on the whole family. “MOTHER LOOK WHAT I DID IN THE TOILET FOR THE FIRST TIME” and then your mother would lied to you and say “good job honey!” because let’s be honest nobody likes to look at your feces unless your mother was a poop-studylogist and then you wear it like some kind of badge of honor for like months on end and told all your classmates how you are now potty trained? Or you make up a dumb word to shoe how UNIQUE you are and begin to use it to show some sort of superiority over your family and everbody is like “look how smart he is!” because you were a little sucker or a cute little sucker so everybody accepted it? Well if you didn’t experience any of this, I’m sorry that you are not of the white race.

That’s why for me “Jopping” sucks. The titled sucks, the song is meh and the whole concept sucks. The only good thing is the music video.

The first thing that bothers me, “jopping” is NOT a word. When you search up “define JOPPING” on Google, it is NOT a word.

If you see from the second result from urban dictionary “Jiving” + “Bopping” dance, yeah that wasn’t even the top definition and it clearly sounds BS for it eerily included the “Jopping” song lyrics. It’s like when I work for Republican Party and have to twist scientific facts on why climate change is not real. The top definition on urban dictionary was “jumping and popping” and clearly that was from a KPop SuperM fan. Wow so not only is SuperM the KPop Avengers they are Dr. Seuss now?

Going to the lyrics, it just seem like a mess to me at least. The lyrics seemingly had no substance or a deeper theme. The whole song seems to be an exercise song with “put your hand in the air let me see you bounce” and it’s not even on the same quality as “cha cha real smooth”. Speaking of black musicians, I found the “alright bet three stacks” and “spitting straight facts” lines to be quite…. offensive. It’s really cringey for me when they try so hard to……. “act black” (don’t know if that’s the right term. But here’s why I have a problem with it….) espcially in the rap part.

The beat drop was not bad, I got to say it wasn’t heavy EDM music like I thought it would be. It was just a basic bass line for the most part and the chorus didn’t go too wild with the synth and I could still here the bass line. I did found it really unnecessary to add the Avengers music at the beginning (very cringey by the way. You can SEE SM trying to hard push and let this group relate to average americans or some shit).

The music video and dancing is probably the only thing that’s good the whole song. The dancing looks sharp and on point. The music video has a theme to it of it and I’m just glad my predictions about Taemin being Iron Man was correct. Again SM be really trying to stuff the avengers right in our mouths cause the whole plot was basically them at first gathering and then having an “epic” walk down the road as they take on their bigger mission of energizing the crowd. I predict it right now, the only time SuperM is going to get a stadium that packed, is when they CGI it in. I’m sorry they might be the avengers for the Koreans, but to the US they ain’t Loona or GIDLE or BTS or Blackpink.

Based on the 24 hours views (at an abysmal 11 million) and the hype they been getting (not much), I do not think they will get popular in the West. I don’t even know why they are going on tour this november in the US with 7 songs? I guess if I go I would finally know how the audience felt at a Black Pink concert. Now they might get the niche KPop concert goers (those EXO fans or SHINee) but creating a fan base here outside of that? That’s really hard, borderline I do not think it will happen. This is the one sperm that I don’t think any fan girls would want. Oh and by the way, amaze yourself in these luxorious art pieces!!

Taeyler from “The Korax” cause let’s be honest he’s known for bullying and scamming the Koraxians out of their greens

Lu Ka Si from “Red-Star Hanches”

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