Black Pink apparently is that cool gum smacking kid in your school!

Black Pink apparently is that cool gum smacking kid in your school!

You know Black Pink, yeah the group of celebrity influencers who occasionally drop music? Ok to be honest I liked almost all of Black Pink songs, a fact that I can’t stand about myself. Since they are getting…. too much hate I will go easy on them cause they seems pretty chill on variety shows (I actually watch all of their variety shows, I didn’t even watch it for TWICE and I am a ONCE).

The latest news to come out is suprised, not music for YG at this point in time…. EEEEEEEK
even AKMU can’t seem to hard carry anymore. YG literally got 4 million won in profits in like the last quarter and as a Top 3 entertainment company, getting 100K USD is not exactly profitable. So basically the run down is this, David Beckham (the famous soccer player) wanted to hit up Black Pink who was in the area for some Addidas events or something. Well so David Beckham made an event called up Jennie and was like

Beckham: When can you guys made it, I’m in Korea now?
Jennie gum smacking with sunglasses on: I don’t know, bitch. Look at nails how about around 1:00 PM- 7:00 PM?
Beckham: How about 3:00 PM
Lisa: OK OK FINE 3:00 PM sounds fine
Beckham: What was that?

OK OF COURSE THIS CONVO NEVER HAPPENED THE EVENT WASN’T EVEN AT 3:00 PM. So basically the event was all settle out and then Black Pink members got there….. 30 minutes late. The worst part is they didn’t even apologize or attempt to make an excuse. You know at least I tell my teacher “BUT TEACH MY DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK AND THEN I ATE MY DOG AS REVENGE” when I failed to do my homework. It’s not a good excuse, but at least I ADDRESS IT and felt bad for not doing work and because dog hair is stuck in my mouth. Or that time I applied to Harvard, came late for the interview because I was lost and ask it was OK. Oh, silly me, yeah I should have just been like I’m not making it to Harvard that same night and withdrew my application. Black Pink SEEMS like they didn’t do even that, which made people cried “UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!”. This is not the first time they delay an event and didn’t apologize or address it. The last time it happen was during an award show, which cause the person (Jang Do Yeon) who was in front of them to put up a 3 minute comedy routine so that the show can have a flow and not empty awkward stage for like the whole 3 minutes.

I get it they probably have a tight schedule and how their career looks in question and it wasn’t even their fault, ok this happened. At least next time noonas should address it and apologize, life happens but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least say sorry.

Apologize for the image, yeah I got it from a fan site

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