Celebrating China 70th year anniversary!

Celebrating China 70th year anniversary!

What a time to be alive. The communist party of China has finally finally celebrated its 70th anniversary since taking over mainland China and equally impressive I have finally got around to covering it! While on the other side of the sea, Taiwan celebrate its 70th “I can’t believe China hasn’t fucked us yet” anniversary. Anyways the vibrate military parade on October 1st marks a special time in Chinese history where they stand as the ahem second paragon of excellence. Life has never got any better than this since the century of humilitation, with foreign investors hungry to pour their goods and products on to the 1.2 billion consumers and hungry to get that sweet sweet chinese goods. You know what 70th anniversary is a weird thing to celebrate or is that just me? I mean I thought people celebrate like you know 10, then 25, and then 50 and then 75 AND THEN 100. I wonder if 70 means something in China……

The affair took place on Tianmen Square, which is pretty funny since it’s basically a middle finger to the protestors back during the did-not-happen massacre. Now if people ask what’s Tianmen Square, I will say “why young lads its the glorious party 70th anniversary”! Underneath that red and yellow, China is heading towards very tumoltous times. Let’s review on what China did these past years!

1) Hong Kong still raging

Ah yes our beloved autonomous self governing region of Hong Kong! When I last talk about Hong Kong, it was still caught up in a fervor. Now, Hong King Kong has go full anarchy with the first homemade bomb exploding onto the scene today! It seems like nothing is going well for even the famous people of Hong Kong has jump over to party loving such as KPop idols and other famous celebrities scared to see that their career will go down the drain. Well well, the legendary director Chow Yun Fat has finally came out to support the protestors. What a real MAN, but then again he HAS already established his career and legacy so yeah.

Not only that Hong Kong is now pleading for Western Nations (like US) to help out. I am sorry to break it to them, they need to drop out now while they are relatively ahead. Now before you have my head Hong Kongers just think about it. Do you REALLY think the US would jump in and help? No they won’t because frankly you are not worth the risk of going to war with China. You are different from Taiwan (and it seems like MANY AMERICANS DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND THIS POINT) because you were NEVER a seperate country and you were given BACK to China when Britain took it away back in the 1800s. China doesn’t seem to relent and I don’t think the US want to push the point either. It sucks and I would like to say that your student activism is way more AWESOME than over here when student activist are just trying to get into Harvard but it looks to be the case. I don’t know, I just don’t think you guys can beat a juggernaut like China, hell even Catalonia failed to seperate from Spain…… I hate to be the douche in all those movies and ask this but…. What can you do……?

Now the western nations can probably give Hong Kong a better ending like more true antomonomy. But if it’s pure independence they want, pure indenpendence they will probably not get. It’s funny because do most Hong Kong who lives in Hong Kong here even cared about full independence or just want their 5 demands to be fulfilled? All I’m hearing from the white (misinformed but well intention) liberals over here is Hong Kong apparently wants to seperate and should be allowed too.

2) The Children Crisis

Ah yes yes! Congratualations walking reproductive centers, you have just been recognize by the party as being human! Ah yes the very old “One Child Policy” is now putting China in deep trouble for it has a lot of men, and not a lot of the female variant. Talk about messing up your own country future!

3) The Hummanitarian Crisis

Xinjiang Province and the Uighyurs yes yes. THe US finally stepped up to the plate on this one luckily and said they are slapping some sanctions onto China in hopes of getting them to ease up on the camps and the creepy stalking of Uighyurs. It has worked? Somewhat for China did announced a couple of days ago they were going to ease up…… just a little bit. It’s not much, but it is a start. Graves and burial lands are still getting systematically destroyed. I would like to note to China that if a muslim hating President Trump decides to slap sanctions to ease up on muslim populations, yeah you might be doing a little bit too much. That’s like there’s a problem if it gets to a point in America where even KKK supported a policy to help out black people….. Yeah you might want to do introspection on that…..

5) The ever growing list of Companies bottoming for China

Instead of the above, this is actually a win for China. The latest news concern NBA and South Park creators. Apparently the episode “Band in China” have got the whole series BANNED from China which looking at the titled I feel like that was the goal. The episode basically criticize China government censorship as they ramped up this year (starting with film industry to gaming industry) and brought back the Winnie the Pooh metaphor…. As always, China moved to wiped South Park from being shown in China and South Park basically in a tweet said that they didn’t give a fuck. The funny thing was those superstars that liked that “I don’t give a fuck” tweet from South Park subsequently got banned too! It’s like trying to explain the situation to your teacher how it wasn’t your friends fault and your fat ass got detention for defending your friend.

A few days later, the Rockets GM fired a shot at China by coming out on twitter to support Hong Kong protestors. He subsequently got the whole league BAND from China airwaves, basically now Chinese can’t enjoy the glorious NBA season… albeit legally. In a swift move, the owner of the Rockets attempted to fire the GM and the NBA came out to apologize to China. This is not an uncommon response, for a lot of companies have offend China in one way or another and when forced to evict themselves from the Chinese market, they come groveling for a place (which to be honest I lowkey might have done the same thing if I was let’s say a small business). After a lot of flaming, NBA finally said they wouldn’t make Rockets owner GM apologize and now the situation is still on stand still. China has eased up a little bit as Tencent began streaming only a couple of preseason games but overall the situation hasn’t not been resolved.

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