Ex-F(x), actress, singer Sulli goes to heaven

Ex-F(x), actress, singer Sulli goes to heaven

Well this is probably THE BIGGEST NEWS right now, which is sad because so long ago have netizens and even some MeU fans have condemn Sulli to the brink of career destruction before that she was beloved by all of Knetizens actually. Let me get down to the facts first, I am not a MeU but yes I do like some F(x) songs and yes I am OT5 to begin with.

The facts is, just today October 14th 2019, Sulli was found dead at her home when her manager came to check up on her. Unlike Hara’s manager, her manager came just a little too late. The facts is that many SM groups and Sulli close friends have decided to postpone their new releases. I am not sure if SuperM still is going along with the November concert but what I do know is Taeyeon, EXO, Super Junior has all postponned their activities. Amber and possibly Luna, and Krystal (and please come through this time Victoria…) have canceled all of their activities as well to mourn their past band member. Apparently, Amber and Sulli are still good friends. Police now have stated that the official caused is suicide and no foul play seems to be involved although they hesistate to conclude that because she didn’t left a suicide note because apparently a prerequiste to committing suicide is writing a note as your life choke away from you. Her story might be one cautionary tale on what hate does to a person, the self-fulfilling prophecy, and why those fucking obsess fan should honest get a life.

———–Early Sulli, rise to fame as F(x)

To say Sulli died with family members flanking her ever side is a lie. Sulli died alone, deserted by the very same people who once loved her so much, netizens. Sometimes we put celebrities on a pedestal so high and called them goddessess or god without ever realizing that they are humans and prone to humans emotions like all of us. I have been into KPop for a long time to know, Sulli (Choi Jin Ri is her real name), when she was in F(x), was the IT member. Netizens love Sulli, if F(x) had retired in like 2012 or 2013 and you say which member would have a successful solo career, Sulli would have been everyone answer with ok maybe Krystal and Victoria here and there. Sulli was loved and it seems like she could do nothing wrong.

But as fate would have it she did “something wrong….”


Dating a way older male.

Choiza was his name. Sulli dated him when she was like early 18 or something while this man was in early 30’s. Instead of flaming the male, as always the females take the brunt of the abuse when relationship scandal broke out (@Jungkook all of his fans were clamoring on that mysterious female and didn’t flame him a bit). All of the sudden Sulli pure girl image was shattered and she became the brunt of everyone jokes. Her fans begin to desert her, and those that like Choiza, the females, well a lot of them flame Sulli. There was no love for Sulli and the scandal was so huge that she left f(x) and that along with SNSD Jessica scandal was what ironically created Red Velvet untimely debut of 2014. Later she would say that she hated the idol life, and a lot of netizens would then back it up by showing performances where she just didn’t tried, but in hindsight it might have been possible that Sulli said that because she hated the restrictions that came with it. Overnight Sulli went from a pure lovely girl to that twisted weird person that where 20 scents of perfume and mutter to herself like a madwoman and all the mothers say to their kids stay away from that old hag. At the helm of the new narratives was her old fans now picking up steamed and gaining more converters with Knetizens. Blogs began to hate on Sulli. People began to say Sulli took too much “big dick energy” from Choiza and turned crazy. It seems like her image was forever sullied.

———–Transition to an Actress

The instant she left from F(x) did SM then classified her as an actress. To this day, she actually never left SM Entertainment. The scandal though, it haunted her. Channel and shows that welcome f(x)’s Sulli with open arms, suddenly gave actress Sulli the cold shoulder. To say that she had a career in acting, well that’s quite wrong. So big was her scandal that I don’t think she EVER landed a main female role. If you look closely at this image…..

You can see that when the scandal broke out in ~2013, she never got onto any shows or any roles. Suddenly Sulli probably went from a sensation to dead broke overnight. With so much spare time on her hands, maybe we can look back now why she began to turn “crazy”. She became a “no bra” girl which to the Easterners is a sin. She began painted as an icon of “oh those crazy feminist” and that narrative was pushed by espcially Netizen Buzz which is why I rarely visit that site (the site was also at fault for basically helping kill T-ARA blooming career). With so much crazy news, Sulli must have probably felt deserted and anger that the same fans who loved her so wasn’t there in her time of need. The sad part is, there were no good news to pushed back the “Sulli is crazy” ones. To be honest I couldn’t find ANY news on Sulli to post (I did a review back on her only single) and the crazy girl Sulli was begining to rub off on me.

———–Back to being a Singer

In early June, Sulli anounced that she was releasing a single, “Goblin”. “Goblin” is basically centers on a girl with dissoactive disorder (3 different personalities) going through her daily life. You can see from the music video that Sulli seemed a bit, crazy from her usual clean image. The song wasn’t a hit, but it did garnered some attention, the remanants of her once powerful image. Not long after that she hold a concert did the hate began to stream line for at the concert she handed out juice and shiz what was it I forgot. Media began to interview her and book her for shows but if she ever thought that it was the people finally coming around to hail Sulli again, oh boy she was wrong. She was interview where it was revealed that she sometimes go bra less for it’s more comfy that way. I’m not a female, I don’t know if that’s true or not but oh did the hate train had a fun day. She began to get HATE AGAIN for wearing no BRA. At least she was finally book for a show, “Night of Hate Comments” from cabel channel JTBC where she was going to be a co-host. Maybe things really started clicking again. I didn’t watch the show but as far as I heard, there were a lot of hate comments about her being an attention seeking whore. She also revealed that she tried to sue once about a really malicious comment, but received an apology from the sender (who attends a prestigious college) and decided not to pursued. Not only that, she began to make cameos again after 7 years. IU asked her to cameo on Hotel Del Luna, which she did as the Chairman granddaughter. Sadly to this day, that is actually the one thing that newer fans know about her, being cameo on one of the hit KDramas of 2019 and not her music career.


Well if everything was clicking for Sulli, maybe that was just what we saw. Underneath maybe she have accidentally primed the pumped for hatred that ran out of steam along the seven years line. Maybe it would have been better if she stayed out the limelight. Her manager check up on her when he couldn’t reach her by calling. Finally the casualty was struck, the knife like hate comments of netizens have finally gotten to her, and took her life at literally 25 years old. Maybe in Sulli last moments she saw again a stream of hatred of hate comments that she have had asked to stop a couple of weeks earlier during a live stream (where she cried too) and made her snap. If I know anything (and yes I do I was close to lets saying sending myself up there early in middle school for reasons) suicide is a spur of the moment thing. She have made her last decision, the decision to follow what netizens wanted, to take her life.


To be quite honest, I don’t think her death will matter at all in the long run. It’s the sad part, but it is the truth. I have seen this line before, the line “we gonna talk about mental health or whatever until the citizenry are then DISTRACTED and then we just swept it under the carpet”! SHINee’s Jonghyun died in like 2015, and yet idols are still being consistently overworked and in cutthroat culture of East Asia. Companies still haven’t have like a guidance counselor for these idols or some shiz. Let’s be honest here, internet hate culture will never go away also. Netizen Buzz currently has turned a 180 and posted finally a GOOD article on Sulli with GOOD COMMENTS. Oh yeah their commentors over there is basically doing social justice work, which I guess will probably mean they will be back to that site in like a week. Finally Knetizens began to love her again, but what use is it to like Sulli now that she’s dead? Sulli case serves as a really cautionary tale for two things, hate/restricted dating and the need for goddamn mental health. You know what I don’t like JYP, I see some of his songs and it’s seem really belittling to women. AT LEAST HE LET HIS IDOLS TAKE A BREAK, you know at least he do that.

Now if you guys have a favorite group in Kpop let’s say BTS. The point I am trying to make here is, you can think ALL YOU WANT HONEY ABOUT MARRYING ANY OF THE 7 GUYS, actually I encourage it. What I don’t encourage is lashing out and being all wild when those guys date another person. Let me frame to you in this way, say that celebrity was a close friend. You happen to like the close friend but then your close friend ended up going with a completely different girl. Do you in real life, then spread hate against the girl? Get all in her business to find out the juicy details and even worse sending evil messages online? No, if you were his real friend you would want him to be happy and say “well then it just didn’t work out”. I feel like most people that was put into this situation reacted quite the same way as above, was sad for one day or maybe a week but then gradually became fine. But the equation suddenly seem to change when that close friend is a celebrity dating ESPCIALLY A NORMAL PERSON. Just admit you lost because in life you don’t always get what you want and in life you can only choose one, AT LEAST AT A TIME. In life you don’t always end up with the person you want to end up with, and that’s just life??!! I don’t care if you say you going to marry him or her, it’s perfectly normal to think like that. HELL LET ME THINK LIKE THAT AS A ONCE, OOOH YEAH I’M GONNA MARRIED TZUYU HEE HAW HEE HAW TIME TO GET IN THIS RIDICULOUSLY LONG ASS LINE OF MALES RANGING FROM 16-50 AND POSSIBLY ALL OF TAIWAN ELIGIBLE BACHELORS. What’s not normal is to hate on the significant other and then go online and VOICE IT in the most malicious way possible. Sulli got a LOT of hate comments for being reveal to date another man. Maybe that man was lowkey a pedophile and Sulli in hindsight that was probably a bad decision (not to date but you being 18 and dating a 30 year old guy is… eh by social standards) but that doesn’t mean she should suffer a career ender. It’s funny to me because us humans can be so toxic to each other if we don’t know each other. Like was it ingrained in our evolution and our moms saying “Stranger Danger” that we drag up defenses and throw F-bombs everytime we met a stranger that we didn’t like? I have never heard (well only a little) of friendships breaking up and then those two parties go on social media and toss out each other life secrets.

Sulli close friends, I can’t even imagine what they are going through, probably a sever case of survivor guilt. I can understand a part of that for my middle school friend also passed away from drowning the summer of 8th grade. What’s worse, I was her close friend yet I miss her funeral because I got lost on public transportation and my dad wasn’t exactly….. friendly calling her dumb for going into the deep end while she didn’t know how to swim. The WORST PART of that whole affair is I had two lady friends that were going with me and they followed MY ROUTE of public transportation (they had a safe route but we were running late so we went with my route) which meant that they didn’t make it either. Here I was in black clothes in the middle of summer with my two close friends looking like a gothic party wandering up and down the street wondering where the HECK IS THE FUNERAL. I still remember that day almost half a decade down the line. I know the road the funeral was held, I know the place the various stores around that place that I rush into just to find out they had NO CLUE either. Time has passed, but hell do I still feel like a dick even to this day when I talk about it. I can’t even imagine what Taeyeon or IU or Heechul or Sulli’s bandmate is going to react (because they all are close friends in the industry) but I can tell, I don’t think it will look good for Taeyeon who reveal in like a recent vLive or something that she never got over Jonghyun death. Now another close friend died, that’s just……… Ok seriously something need to be done espcially like Dasom (who seem really depress these days) and even Go Hye Sun (who is wildin…. a lot these days) and plenty more of idols. It’s time companies stop overworking them and actually letting them take a breather or two before continuing. I won’t even address the internet hate culture because let’s be honest, it will never stop. If it show sign of stopping it would have stop literally the year right after the internet became popular. We can’t fix the internet hate culture (we can try but I guarantee people are gona be dicks. You know what sometimes I love to get a good hate on a person too, I just don’t voice it or slide into that person DM to make their day miserable. Exception might have been my ex…. Oops) but what we can fix is holding companies accountable and letting their EMPLOYEES take a break day, or two or month.

Alas Sulli noona, I can’t believe it took DEATH for your former glory to appear again……… Oh what a awesome and evil species we are eh?

Music from F(x) Sulli.

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