[Review] Feel Special, uh very.... interesting title

[Review] Feel Special, uh very…. interesting title

By golly, I haven’t seen TWICE in like waht 3 months?! Back it again already? Fantastic! More for me. You know not to be DIRTY OR ANYTHING, last comeback TWICE fancy me and then this comeback I or they made me “Feel Special”? That’s a bit….. SEXUAL!

Now of course I am a ONCE so already out of the bat I already have a bias towards this song. I got to say, it’s very nice to see Mina back in commission after taking that well needed break. To be honest I also like how they spread out evenly the lines too, like Chaeyoung finally gets line outside of rap parts, and Jihyo (the better vocalist of TWICE) doesn’t even get solo lines until later. This song basically establish TWICE future as a group that will be mixing sexy concepts with a more cute side for even though there are innocent outfits, everything else seems very girl crushie/sexy. To be honest I didn’t exact like this song when it came out, on this album I like “Love Foolishly” more (a b-side y’all should ALL ENJOY IF YOU ARE INTO KPOP).

I don’t know, I think it was the various EDM beat drop that I really didn’t like at first. Espcially the very high pitched sound in the beat drop that either crows “FEEL SPECIAL” or make the “Mu ah ah ah”. Or even at the “rap part” of Dahyun, a little bit before there was that very bad “screeching to a halt” electric sound that just killed it for me. It was nothing major, but like little things like that made me think “wow gee it’s all over the place”. I grew to like the whole song which wasn’t hard because I already was fine with the main beat line of drums and wave super fast, the mix didn’t sound to bad.

I gotta say the song main point selling point for me was the positive message behind the song. You know it was a girl crush/innocent concept song, but finally not one about “killing boys” or “adios bitch I’m my OWN WOMAN” but it also wasn’t about depending on a guy. Do you guys know “Lean On Me”? Yeah the message was basically that song, you know sometimes the world just demands a whole bunch of things from you and you have that one friend (doesn’t have to be a lover) that just makes things better for you. We all have those days, and the song seems to be a celebration of those moments as the whole song plots basically see two people lost and sad for the first part just to be happy and paired up (Jeongyeon X Jeongyeon was a very…. predictable pairing) at the end. The song is an apprieciation of all those little moments and also in lights of recent events…… We can be sad to those who don’t have those type of people to make their day feel better, and when they feel like shiz just like TWICE in the first part and they have no part 2.

The outfits were OK but I need FULL COVERAGE PEOPLE!!!!! Some outfits were weird like Tzuyu’s and Sana was trying to have a really bad boy image that I would rather Jeongyeon have play that part caused they always play her in that role.