IOI, the latest victim of Police brutality against Mnet

IOI, the latest victim of Police brutality against Mnet

“POLICE BRUTALITY!” cried one man
“What’s an IOI?” cried a Chungha Stan
“Why is 2% of the population talking” cried me

Just when this year couldn’t get any pumpkin spicier, Mnet has officially probably most likely cancelled IOI- The 9 Member Returns. Well actually they have put the comeback schedule for November on indefinite hiatus, which is exactly what government say to its political enemies.

It’s actually not so suprising in lights of recent investigations of police into Mnet possibly probably most likely rigged show that is Produce 101. This whole situation is again really funny to me because it actually started with fans disgruntled with X1 lineup and then Mnet, probably as high on drugs as Park Yoo Chun, launched its own investigation. The investigation has been processing steadily so far as the police have finally uncovered the truth that apparently only western audiences know, reality shows are RIGGED???? It has uncover footage and evidence of entertainment companies cutting deals for their trainees to win, which is hardly surprising as a few older watchers of Produce 101 will tell you. It remains to be seen what the Police will want to charge Mnet with or what the future of X1. Most likely the police force will probably slapped a fine on Mnet for “unsportmanlike conduct” and then move on with it because again, only like 2% of the population actually watch Produce 101. I was talking with some of my Korean international student friends the other day, yeah they had no clue this whole investigation was a thing which kind speak volumes about how popular the show actually is. While this whole affair was going on, Mnet actually filmed one more reality TV show called “Show Me The Money” and if that IN IT OF ITSELF IS NOT EVIDENCE I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.

I just wanted to congratualate the police AGAIN like I did last time. I guess they handling this case very well since there is already one victim in IOI cancel comeback, that’s one victim more than what they found in Burning Sun Molka scandal anyways. Well I was actually hoping to see this IOI comeback and how Sejeong and Mina’s recent dramas will have an effect on the reception if it became a thing. Well looks like now IOI fans be like…..

So long IOI, Chungha will definitely miss you!


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