It's Halloween! Asia is taking it way too seriously with the ominous stuff

It’s Halloween! Asia is taking it way too seriously with the ominous stuff

ALLLL HALLOW EVE IS UPPP IN THE AIRRRRR. Yes it is I, COOLGUY BACK FROM TRICK OR TREATING. I feel like I had the best custome out there on the street: broke college student. You know it’s strange, I was sitting by my huge stacks of candy taken from little kids the other day after Halloween, it definitely feel much better to trick or treat as a little kid. I remember energetically saying “trick or treat” even though knowing full well these strangers will give me treat as a little kid. Now, I just dead stare and say something like, “you don’t really want this EGG IN YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW”, or maybe I’m JUST SICK OF BEING ASKED AM I TOO OLD TO TRICK OR TREAT. NO MA’AM/SIR, YOU NEVER TOO OLD FOR CANDY!

Speaking of ominous messages on an ominous night is China! Well recently they just had a meeting with the top government officials and at the top of their list was “that Hong King Kong rampage”. All that protesting has recently put Hong Kong into a brink of a recession. Well the President and his government has an ominous message to Hong Kong and that is…… “we are gonna fix the system”. People’s Daily, one of the more well read Chinese newspaper, basically ran an article telling civil servants who are supporting the protest in Hong Kong that the big boys going to come in and light you up like a Jack o Latern. Seems to signal a very big Chinese intervention. OOOOOH actually send shivers down ones spine. I think Hong Kong people should feel how I feel when I bring a C on a report card home to my father and he said he was gonna fix me right up real quick. Please guys, for your own good I know it sucks, just cop out as soom as possible or all this rampage might just end with no results real quick. I know paying up for landing on the Boardwalk might not be the exactly where you want to be, but you really don’t want to go to “jail” now would you? Sad as it is, western countries cared too much about cashy cashy, to carey carey. Just look at literally, oh wait, every company from Versace to Gap to NBA to BLIZZARD! I guess that’s what it means to be a business!

Well speaking of businesses, Blizzard just recently issued an apology to its player base saying it will accept all accountability for its “quick decision” to banned Blitzchung, a pro Hearthstone player banned for screaming “Viva La Hong Kong”. Fans of Blizzard games are decrying how Blizzard never even bother to mention anything about selling out to China in their apologies and accuse of Blizzard of dodging the question, kind of how Senator Warren dodge the question about whether or not she will raise taxes to fund Medicare for All in the latest debate. But oh wait, Blizzard doesn’t have to say anything about selling out to China at all because they claimed that their decision had NOTHING TO DO with their very very profitable market in China. Which is complete BULLSHIZZZ.

Speaking of China and Hearthstone, the first female champion- VKLioon- just won the global tournament and she’s from China. Only 200K in prizes though, that 15 year old Fortnite player must be laughing from his chair. Congratualations nonetheless, gamer woman here to stay!

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