[Review] This is really GFriend's CRY FOR HELP

[Review] This is really GFriend’s CRY FOR HELP

CEO Bang: Oh noes, BTS is taking a break….. And Jungkook is wildin….. Hey where are those girls I bought for like 1 million won easy money!!
Queen Sowon and Friends: Yes milord here we are
CEO Bang: MOST EXCELLENT! Hey move aside you guys are in the way of my BTS poster! Queen Sowon and friends grudgingly move wayyyyy to the side. Now Now since I want even MORE MONEY and to take YG entertainment spot in the big 3, I need you guys to bump out songs
Queen Sowon and friends: Glad you ask CEO! For this upcoming Japanese comeback we plan to be even more revealing than we were already were in “Fever”!
CEO Bang: MOST EXCELLENT! But what about doing that AND doing a ballad type musical that you guys are good at?
Queen Sowon and friends: Uh…… but….. ELECTRONIC WAVESSSSSSSSSSSS

This is most definitely the conversation I pictured post bought GFriend having with their new CEO.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a lit song. But I am kind of weirded out, this is classic GFriend music, like “Rough” or “Navillera” type classic, a whole lot of ballad and not much electronic like “Fever”. The song “Falling Light” is the title track for their first official Japan album, and it’s about trying to find [insert that guy/girl name here] after I guess a KDrama esque romance chance encounter. I kept thinking that they were crying out for their freedom from Big Hit.

Well this song, is something unique. GFriend really return to the past on this one and it works. I’m sick of tired actually of these new electronic songs (I think a point of view I have express many times) and of these modern KPop artists hip hop (ahem, Ethnic Hip ahem ahem) and tryna be all like “I love black culture” while wearing obviously a ghost mask. “Falling Light” brings something unique to the table, sounds that one can actually replicate on a classical Violin.

You know what, I really like that violin throughout the whole song with the sprinkle of piano there and then. It all feels very, classical nostalgic to the past age of GFriend. This kind of sound, soft melodious and more tough vocals than other groups, was what carry this small entertainment group to one of the Top 5. The song here has all of that in it, by not energizing the beat so much so that it distract from their vocals. They have pretty decent vocals in this song actually but then again probably all auto tune for everyone that isn’t name Yuju. The dancing was simple and cohesive, they weren’t trying to do too much which is actually…..surprisingly calm. I just love how they kept the fashion side relatively simple and tidy and not go crazy like, I must flame TWICE here, TWICE in “Feel Special”.

I really like the whole theme of the song of finding that person/thing again after a long while. It has a very nostalgic feel, like how you made up all these dreams and put it in your notebook while you were young and now you 30 and just open it back up and rediscover a part of yourself, and the violin with the piano all help create this feeling. Plus it’s always good in the era of massive girl crush when the group does not want to seduce its male audience in its lyrics or outright cuss them out or extreme bash their heads in.

Read More about GFriend, one of the Top Girl group in Gen 3 here!


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