Hong King Kong holds democratic election, wait where???

Hong King Kong holds democratic election, wait where???

Ahhh the latest development and final fucking -ly that it isn’t about guns, protests, and more guns. Anyways Hong King Kong, you know Hong Kong… the setting of Les Miserables. They just apparently held an election apparently and the pro-democratic movement gain sweeping victory over the pro-beijing faction that’s currently in power. Actually sweeping is not the right word because the pro-democratic movement swept up 452 total seats, leaving the pro-beijing faction with like 60 seats. Not only that, pro-democratic candidates now control basically 17/18 council districts. That’s literally 94% of the district now control by pro-democratic factions. Which mean, they actually fucking did it! A stellar show out of young people to the polls really affected the results, while here the young people just say “Ok Boomer” and then complain when old white men get voted into office. Congratualations to student activists, yeah yeah you guys got something done! Now I believe that y’all actually wanted a democracy and a safer Hong Kong instead of saying “no more guns” padding your resumes to apply to Harvard! I must say, great time to be a candidate for Hong Kong government, all you need to do is probably say “ching chong man go back to building my railroads” and you will probably get voted in 94% of the time!

I am personally impress that the Hong King Kong government was able to set it up somehow. You know like the polls I know are usually in school gynamsium or something. You see scenes like this all around during our country election day…..

But Hong King Kong couldn’t have hold elections in any schools. I mean they are now known as bomb factories and are barricaded to restrict access. One thing is for sure though, I guess there was not much money being spent on those privacy booths or dividers because what is a better privacy device than the smoke of naturally occuring tear gas.

While the pro-democratic camp is popping champagne bottles to cheer on their victory, the sitting duck pro-beijing camp is less off a party right now. Publicly, the camp- headed by the honorable Ms. Carrie Lam(b)- have said that they would accept the people’s will and the results of the election but it must really suck to lose this badly. Before the election though, the pro-beijing government were confident that they had the win in the bag due to what Chief Executive Hilary Clinton I mean Carrie Lam(b) called a silent majority and that the really vocal demostration are just a minority of the population. Apparently not! The sitting duck government has soften their stance, before it was “we don’t negotiate!” but now it’s more like “we SOMETIMES negotiate!”. China is brushing over the results of the election saying that it was minimal compare to “get Hong Kong to peace” agenda. They also stressed though that Hong King Kong is theirs, not Britain and certainly not Japan and don’t even THINK ABOUT INDEPENDENCE!

While most seem to accept the election, at least publicly, few have express fear of mob rule or that election was kinda rigged due to street violence which might be true, there’s some validity to those points of arguments. I find it a weee bit unrealistic to say that there WASN’T some sort of heckling going on in any of the district, just like it’s weeeeee bit unrealistic to say that our great President didn’t need foreign help to win 😉 JK JK JK

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