Goo Hara passes away at like..... 28?

Goo Hara passes away at like….. 28?

This news brought to you by “Men” don’t dump us or else revenge porn is on the way!!!

Well I am thrilled to finally have the time to cover this news about Goo Hara. I just want to say, congratualations noona! Good job on your retake! You are LICENSED NOW! AHA…Haha….haha…WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Hara’s death, ah how many news already cover it? You know what I didn’t really hear a lot of news article as compare to when Sulli died around like a month ago. Maybe it was no surprise, she had mental help problems and it show unlike Sulli. It was nothing so abrupt like Sulli to be honest, who look just fine as she hosted “Night of Mean Tweets” a JTBC adaptation of “Celebrities read your Mean Tweets”. That show by the way is cancelled now that it like lost its main host.

Maybe Hara’s death represent one of the ironies and probably hypocrisy of being Asian, a race that seem to not believe in mental health. I mean this isn’t like the first time Hara’s has attempted this, why didn’t she receive any help? It’s kinda saddening, people with mental health living in Asia like when you ask directly for help you are consider weak and when you indirectly cry for help through dangerous actions you still don’t get help. Hara’s death is like the boy who cry wolf, the secret edition. That’s like please allow me to introduce the never seen before script of the boy who cry wolf.


“AIEEEEEEE WOLF. WOLF” said the boy as he slaved up and down the village. “There’s a WOLF EATING ALL THE SHEEPS” cried the boy. Sadly, nobody paid the boy any attention. The shepherds heard the boy of course, but being the fat ass that they are and remembering that the previous times how they have ran with haste towards their flock to see that there was no wolf, they thought all was gucci. Sadly, all was not gucci. The wolf preceded to have a free mutton meal as the boy cried in horror but to no avail. After the wolf have finish its meal, it heard the began to chase after the boy, managing to bite him but luckily for the boy, the manager was nearby and successfully chase the wolf out of the village. The wolf not really angry, said “Oh Gee, I can’t eat here anymore. Next time they would UNDOUBTEDLY come out no matter WHAT. Looks like I just have to go and EAT somewhere else!”

After the fat-ass wall-e looking ass villagers finish their meal, they went out to tend their flock only to find out in horror that there was nothing but sheepskin, bAAHH-ones, and left over caracass litter all over their field. The villagers then cried for the boy to come here this instant!

“BOY, why didn’t you come and warn us?” cried the villagers in unison
“Bitch what? Didn’t you hear me slaving up and down for your fat ass to get up and chase the wolf?” puffed the boy, still trying to catch his breath.
“BOY, you did that so many times. The last time you cried ‘WOLF’, there was no wolf!”
“Hey fat-ass, ever heard of a fire alarm?” mic dropped the boy as he turn his back away from the now roasted villagers. The villagers finally realize their mistake, why of course the boy was trying to be a fire alarm! Keeping the whole village on their toes in case of a wolf attack! Remorseful and being the forwarded thinking people that they are, the villagers did some introspection and decided to appoint the boy the title of “Head of the Sheep Watchers” and vow to come out from now on whenever the boy cried, wolf or no wolf. Pretty soon the village prosper again, and the villagers got even more fat assed. The boy has been adaept at his job, keeping the village on their toes. Sadly one day out came the same wolf who just happen to pass by after siting some delicious mouton decided to have a go at it again. The boy saw the wolf and cried “WOLF WOLF” so loud that even the heavens heard the desperate pleas for aid. The villagers comfortable in their adobe felt their evil thoughts come to them again.

“What an inconvience that brat is. You know what I bet it’s just another drill. To hell with it, I’m done with these “false” cries.”

The boy saw once again that no villagers come to aid. The boy saw the sheeps were bah-ing for their life as the wolf gobble them up. In desperation the boy cried to the wolf

“Just fucking eat me Mister Wolf. Maybe once I actually died, maybe the village will start caring and looking into their fucking mental health program”. But in the boy heart he knew the truth, the fat ass villagers will just keeping being fat asses as the wolf gobble him up.

Ahem, Ahem

At this point of writing, Hara has been lay down to rest in a private funeral. Maybe Hara’s really felt like the boy who cried wolf above a sense of hopelessness and finding out that the villagers would have never believed her. She would have definitely probably felt this when her dick ass ex got acquitted and basically no punishment for his abusement crimes even though she testify with scars on her body and there were tapes of him blackmailing her and she kneeling on the floor begging for him not to end her career. It seems like quite a few people are griefing for her death espcially bandmate Seungyeon, the last one to see her alive. Since KARA is from DSP it seems like her buddies from other entertainment companies didn’t feel the need to postpone their comebacks. Apparently as of now, the court and prosecutors have reopen the case on Hara’s ex and netizens is finally clamming down his throat. He’s apparently griefing too. But what’s the point? Even a dog pout when you point out its mistake, even a baby feels a bit guilty when you scold it for pooping on the floor. There’s no point in griefing or opening an investigation after the fact, it all seem like a facade, an excuse at this point for both prosecutors and her boyfriend to show “hey we cared!”. SAD!

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