Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon get sent to prison??!!!

Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon get sent to prison??!!!

Wait guys surprise, Burning Sun Scandal people gets prison time? What?????? Ah I get it, cause neither of them are from Big Bang!

Seems like justice choosing its victims again, Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island) finally is going to serve prison time. It comes as a SHOCKING surprise as the court ordered Jung Joon Young to serve six years of prison time while Choi Jong Hoon gets five years. You know you fuck up badly or wasn’t that famous when you get prison time and not probation. Kinda of like a lithmus test for famous-ness you know? Wow finally about time someone get sent to prison for like quasi rape and unconsensual filming of females. Wow if only we can imprison everyone who does that in South Korea, my my my we would have like 20% of the population of 10 million, behind bars! That’s like a huge number, you know War on Drugs but makes more sense! As the Guardian reported on the news……

Jung was jailed for six years and Choi, 29, for five. Seoul central district court rejected the defendants’ claim that the sex was consensual.

“Jung and Choi took part in gang-rape of victims who were intoxicated and unable to resist,” the verdict said, according to Yonhap news agency. “It is hard to fathom the extent of suffering the victims must have gone through.”

The court said the two singers had seen the victims as “sexual objects” to be exploited, adding: “They should assume social responsibility in proportion to their fame and wealth.” Both men wept when the sentences were announced.

While the minimum sentence for rape in South Korea is three years, most online commentators said the penalties were too lenient. “The victims have to live in agony for the next 60 years, not just six,” one poster wrote on the country’s largest portal site, Naver. Another added: “I hear they burst into tears at sentencing. The victims will live in tears for the rest of their lives.”

Well sir online commentors, knowing how these crimes usually come down, this is a pretty heft sentence if I do say so myself. This doesn’t really feel like justice being serve because not everyone was taken out like mastermind Seungri nor “The boy, the myth, the legend” Yang Hyun-Suk (his case was closed by prosecution recently due to lack of evidence), it seems like the courts are really trying to chase after the “small fish” as an excuse and a cover to hide behind when people come crying for justice for the men involve in Burning Sun.

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