Year of Leavers: Wonho, Woojin, Taeha, and Yeonwoo departs their group

Year of Leavers: Wonho, Woojin, Taeha, and Yeonwoo departs their group

Ouchm I know some of these events happen like weeks ago. I apologize for just getting to it now…… Oooof, let’s go with the biggest name

1) Wonho leaves Monsta X

Wow, this was like a big uproar like a few weeks ago, Wonho leaving Monsta X. What was funny was the fans reaction and how the event played out. You know what let’s review a bit since I totally miss when this news was hip.

So apparently it involve three parties, Han Seo Hee, Wonho, and Jung Da Eun. Oh wow Han Seo Hee, remember her? Miss A in the BI drug scandal and also Miss A in getting T.O.P hooked on what asians called “devil lettuce!” (its weed). Han Seo Hee seems to be a very polarizing figure, I feel like she almost attention seeking not just in this scandal or others. It seems like she’s busting people not in the name of justice, but in the name of name recognition. Like she said she was not LGTBQ and then she was like OHHHH I’m dating Jung Da Eun like a few days later. Weird stuff.

Anyhow let’s get to the facts, Jung Da Eun and Wonho apparently were roomates with each other back in the day. Wonho apparently grew up impovish-ish, and have a bad history of being the stereotypical “poor kid” you know getting into fights, going into juvenile detention stuff like that. Apparently on several occasions Wonho put up some of Jung Da Eun stuff for sale and instead of sharing the wealth, he kept that money for himself. Jung Da Eun has pleaded with him to at least pay her money back, which he has refused multiple times to do even though he has found some success with Monsta X (he made like one payment of 2 million wons). Now how did this made news? Well that’s where Miss A came in. Apparently Miss A got word of this and in a definitely-outlandish-attempt-to-gain-some-fame for herself, she basically outed Wonho on social media saying stuff like “Don’t make me reveal to these people that you went into Juvenile Detention”. The funny thing that made me laugh was that Monsta X fans immediately clammor to their Oppa saying “no way”, “Han Seo Hee is a bitch ass liar” and attacking whoever so much as place the name of Wonho with the verb to steal in the same sentence. As much as I hate these type of people, they usually have evidence backing their words up and sure enough Han Seo Hee seemed to have her evidence lined up in order. Wonho seeing no escape from this trap, surrender, apologize, and left Monsta X. Even as he left, Miss A was like “don’t think this means you get off debt free” which is like a dickass move, let the man chill out a little bit before you go on his ass again. Starship Entertainment have said that they would take legal action against Jung Da Eun and Han Seo Hee.

What is my take on this? I think that Wonho did have a shady past, I do think that he did steal and Han Seo Hee and Jung Da Eun is in “the right”. What people (Monsta X fans) seem to misunderstand is the fact that Starship is sueing which means that the allegation are UNTRUE which is not it at all. Starship might be suing because it’s kinda illegal just to spout people private sometimes “confidential” past like that. Now I do feel like Wonho has been a good person, although half of this is his fault, he didn’t paid the money or even an attempt at paying it in installment. It feels wrong that Jung Da Eun and Han Seo Hee came after him NOW when it seems like Monsta X is about to break out in the West chokes chokes I’m lying again ahhh. What’s wrong I would say is how they basically drag Wonho through the mud, this doesn’t seem like to be about the money at all, this seems like they were out for Wonho blood and that is wrong.

Oh yeah and Wonho also apparently smoked weed. He’s definitely CANCELLLLEDDD

2) Taeha and Yeonwoo leaves Momoland. Woojin leaves Stray Kidz

In rather unimpressive news, Taeha and Yeonwoo have decided to leave Momoland-the one hit wonder. Surprise! Sike, didn’t fans speculate that Yeonwoo left earlier this year? You know what, I kind of feel bad for Momoland. On one hand I feel like it’s their fault for never getting big. I mean lots of groups thirst for their first win/show wins, just check out comments section on youtube for WSJN or like Oh My Girl, yet “BBoom BBoom” the addictive electro-pop song netted Momoland like 13 wins or something which is huge. Momoland seem inveitable to break out finally, but then they got themselves involve in a miraid of scandals, mostly dating scandals from Nancy to Taeha (who apparently DID date and that’s why she was yeeted to the sideline) to Daisy (who is reveal to be dating and whose status is questionable right now) to Yeonwoo like being a total narcissist or something. Like I get that dating shouldn’t be something that should end your career, just like how smoking weed shouldn’t either. But when you go into an industry or a place that said almost explicitly “no smoking” or “no dating” willingly, yeah well you kinda deserved it? It’s not right, it should change, but for now it is what it is…… Momoland seem to be a group that could have broken out, but due to mismanagement fail to bloom after all.

Then there’s Woojin, yeah he left Stray Kidz. We don’t know why, but I feel like most people don’t either.

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