I know it’s very late, two weeks late. But I just GOTTA cover this espcially with the recent explosion of KPop onto the Western scene. While definitely not main stream, it sure has a better foothold now then ever.

Disclaimer before continuing: Please keep an open mind, like for real. If you disagree with what I say, write it in the comment, I would love to engage in a worthwhile debate. Also another disclaimer, whenever I say “always” I know there are EXCEPTIONS OF COURSE, but I have seen enough of a consistent trend to predict. There’s this one convo that I do not like, I feel like it’s a misapply lesson from Psycology. It’s the one about stereotypes, and we are all told in class how “people” are different and that stereotypes are wrong. Then people I feel run with this and then place themselves on the peak of moral perfection. I would want to argue that “stereotypes” are true, not only that you SHOULD use it as some sort of statistic trend when approaching people that you don’t know. You know when it becomes a problem I feel? When you let the stereotypes control you, when you let the stereotypes prevent you from interact with certain groups of people, and when you let the stereotype prevent you from giving a chance to different group of people you interact with to break the stereotype. In the words of Ms. Adichie, “the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete”.

I’m gonna present this stereotype right here. (East) Asians are probably the most racist group of people.

I’m not alone, even the glorious Dave Chappelle in his skit “I know Black People” portray the Korean man as even “whiter” than the white guy.

Why am I ranting at like this. Well here comes the story!

Amber, a member of one of the bigger groups F(x) . Has been caught saying something very racist. It concerns a segment on JK news and about a man eating a sandwich. Apparently in San Fransico, the Bay Area Rapid Transit or FART have a rule that nobody is allow to eat on the train platform. Such rule is of course RARELY observe. BART law of prohibiting eating on a train platform is like Tennessee law of not allowing people to share their Netflix password. Nobody will observe it, and if there someone enforce it, well I’m sorry you don’t got no friends to Netflix and chill with. Of course here comes the racial part, apparently on a very fine day a black man was munching on his sandwich on a BART train platform. His actions in consume food on the platform was not unlike the thousands of people passing through the train station each day. Except on this day, the police single him out in the confrontation below. I’ll let him tell you the story how that went down

Clearly another instance in Police unreasonableness to people who dicks are not white. When shown on JK news, Amber decides to call the man out saying that “he deserve it for breaking the law and because he’s being so rude to the police officer” in the now privated JK video.

After that exchange any thoughts concerning her asian heritage disappear from my mind. Heck even her apology tweet sounded a tad racist, implying that the racism problem did not appear until recently and that she totally support Black Lives Matter. Literally sounds like that white person who refuse to be called a racist because “I have black friends”. I told you, Asians as white as fuck.

Now many have condemn her for being a racist added to the fact that she was actually born here in America and went to high school here. I agree, Amber is probably implicitly racist but now allow me to take the leap that got me downvoted to hell when I express it, I feel like almost ALL KPOP stars are racist, to a big degree. Amber is just but a grain of sand in an beach of an entertainment industry and a society that prioritize white skin, white foundation, and that people of a darker complexion fails no matter how talented they are like SISTAR’s Hyorin who didn’t get to debut the longest time due to being dark among a host of other -ism factors even though she could sing unlike most.

I express sympathy for Amber, I feel like a lot of Asians do suffer from miseducation about Black people. Even though she was raise here so “she should know better”, I would argue “no”. Why? The most racist of the population are the older generation of Asians. I’m willing to bet that Amber father and mother, like mine and many others asian parents, were kinda racist. Couple that with the typical Asian household authoritative parenting style, it is sure to leave an unfavorable imprint on black race on the child even if they live in a place of diversity. My baby brother goes to a majority black school, and has a lot of black friends. I don’t think he’s racist, but my dad is always spouting the ideas to him “black people bad. You so stupid cause you hang around black people!!!”. Even if he wasn’t racist to begin with, even if you considered yourself a rebellious child, I’m willing to bet that at least a part of that toxicity has enter into your unconscious. I blame Amber for not knowing better but at the same time I kind of understand why, even if where I am coming from is not related to her family at all. It’s like manslaughter, voluntary knowing that you are deleting somebody carries a harsher sentence than involuntary deleting somebody. I don’t believe Amber was being intentional malicious, but still racist nonetheless. Also the “disrespecting the police so he deserve it” part sounds soooooo Asian and fits with the traditional “respect your elders and people in authority” espouse by Confucious and serves as the foundation of traditional asian household. Although I would also like to point out to Ms. Liu, it’s funny because you do realize that one big and FOUNDING aspect Black Lives Matter is about…… standing up to the police and holding them accountable. This same miseducation I feel like it’s part of why (G)-IDLE’s Soyeon said “Ethnic Hip” and why I feel like the louder people espcially in Asia says “I Love BLACK PEOPLE” the more I think “there’s the racist one!”. It’s not just girl why I have such a huge problem with J-Hope cover of “Chicken Noodle Soup”.

Now I understand “Chicken Noodle Soup” is one of J-Hope first song that he learn from (I forgot if he said he learn like English or rapping from it). I was find with the whole cover, until he put on dreadlocks, which was seemingly on purpose to look “black” or to act “black” which is pretty off putting. Like he sang the whole song with his normal hair, he sang the whole damn song fine why in the end does he got to appropriate? Even Becky G kept her straight hair and she is dang “darker” than J-Hope, well at least I think so because I never see J-Hope without make-up. Like I am doing a research and the judicial story behind dreadlocks and black hairstyles in the workplace. It’s not cool that J-Hope just use one of the symbol of blackness for some weird reason so that I guess he fit into that “dancing circle” at the end even though the whole song he had on straight hair!

What do y’all think about KPop artists and racial issues? Do you have a story of when you were a bit put off by KPop?


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