Fucky my Grammy, I love my MAMA instead

Fucky my Grammy, I love my MAMA instead

Me: Hey ARMY, who do you like better: your mother or your grandma?
ARMY: My MAMA of course. Fuck my Grammys @$)%U)@$U()@U#$)U@ explicit words follow


Me: Hey did Mnet rig…..

WELLLLLLLLLLL finally a bit respise for Mnet after being continous fucked by the police and will be continously fucked by the police until this whole Produce mess sort itself out.

Anyways oh yes that’s right, after BTS and Black Pink failed to get any “important” nominations from the Grammys (yupp, Black Pink submitted for Best New Artist and BTS for I guess Best Artist Consideration), they are here for the MAMA Award Show instead, one of Korea biggest music award shows. Now its a tad tricky here, because singers (like IU or AKMU) don’t usually win any of the grand prizes of the night even though as people in Korea would tell you, AKMU and IU HUUUUUUUUGGEEEEEE. I think it’s literally the most “prestigous” award for like maybe KPop, I don’t know if I can make it parallel to Grammys because the Grammys recognize much more than just one genre of music. Also as a side note even though BTS didn’t make any important nominations, they did snag some very very PRESTIGOUS GRAMMYS like the SOCIAL ARTIST AWARD or BEST TOUR. Obviously fans of BTS were pretty pissed, and took to Twitter to express their outrage at the whooooolllllleeee thing being a sham and then pull up tour stats how BTS is like better than everybody. This just proves that KPop is still a niche and not as widespread as some people would make it out to be. If people who had that big ole argument with me on Twitter about BTS are reading this, oh yeah how do you explain this? By the way I got the WHOLE RECORDING ACADEMY, which BTS and CEO Bang IS A PART OF, ON MY SIDE.

Anyways as almost expect, BTS swept the award show Grand Prize: Artist, Album, Song, and Worldwide Icon of the Year, which to be honest was unsurprising. In like the past years (2015 maybe even further back I didn’t bother to look) usually 3/4 of those awards went awards to either EXO, Wanna One or BTS. The “1/4” usually went to TWICE, which although did improve a lot this year, did not have much of an explosion as BTS and EXO was pretty much nonexistent this year as they just release their latest comeback. BTS and TWICE did sweep almost all the group base awards while ITZY and TXT took how the Best New Female and Male groups respectively. Unsurprising considering how ITZY went up against groups like Cherry Bullet or Rocket Punch which haven’t got much hype while TXT had BigHit break out year to back them up and going up against X1, ATEEZ and AB6IX which isn’t so much of a competition right now. I legit might have taken AB6IX over TXT, but that’s just me.

Winners Below…..

Artist of the Year: BTS
Album of the Year: BTS’s “Map of the Soul: Persona”
Song of the Year: BTS’s “Boy With Luv”
Worldwide Icon of the Year: BTS

Best Male Group: BTS
Best Female Group: TWICE
Best Male Artist: EXO’s Baekhyun
Best Female Artist: Chungha
Best New Male Artist: TXT
Best New Female Artist: ITZY
World Performance: MONSTA X
Best Vocal Performance Solo: Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon
Best Dance Performance Solo: Chungha
Best Hip Hop & Urban Music: Heize’s “She’s Fine”
Best Band Performance: Jannabi
Best Collaboration: Lee Sora’s “Song Request” (featuring BTS’ Suga)
Favorite Vocal Performance: MAMAMOO
Favorite Dance Performance: GOT7
Qoo10 Favorite Female Artist: TWICE
Qoo10 Favorite Male Artist: BTS
Best Music Video: BTS’s “Boy With Luv”
Best Vocal Performance Group: Bol4
Best OST: Gummy – “Remember Me” (“Hotel Del Luna“)
Best Dance Performance Male Group: BTS
Best Dance Performance Female Group: TWICE
International Favorite Artist: Dua Lipa
Best New Asian Artist: WayV
Breakthrough Achievement: SEVENTEEN
Best Executive Producer of the Year: Bang Shi Hyuk
Best Producer of the Year: Starr Chen, Howe Chen, RAZOR
Best Composer of the Year: PDOGG
Best Engineer of the Year: Kwon Nam Woo
Best Video Director of the Year: Lumpens
Best Choreographer of the Year: Kiel Tutin
Best Art Director of the Year: Yuni Yoshida

The performances though was probably the best part, espcially CEO of JYP Entertainment the man JYP himself (who JUST CAME BACK BROOO) doing a duet with Mamamoo Hwasa in what was probably the lit-est moment of the night. Other than that, the fan fares were usual with Jimmy Fallon tuning in via live video chat to congratualate BTS on their winnings.

Holy fuck, I still can’t get over JYP legendary performance. As I have heard, this is not the first time he went in plastic clothing, nor was it the first time he has some very… cool pictures taken.

Were you guys surprise at MAMA 2019 results? Did your favorite group come out on top?

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