"Oh nah.... PEACE" 3 Cherry Bullet members say. DIA's Somyi disheartening broadcast

“Oh nah…. PEACE” 3 Cherry Bullet members say. DIA’s Somyi disheartening broadcast

FNCE Entertainment has announced that three of Cherry Bullet members have announced their departure from the group. The ex-10 member squad will now be promoting as a seven member squad instead.

Cherry Bullet was a relatively new group that debuted this year with
“Q&A” following that up with a summer comeback four months later in “Really Really”. You know a busy year for a Kpop group, at least busier than BLACKPINK DAB DAB DAB jk jk jk. I personally didn’t like “Q&A” that much nor did I like “Really Really” but it sucks that the newbie group is already facing trouble this early in the stage.

The three members to take their early leave are Mirae, Kokokro, and LinLin. Apparently there had been a lot of fan theories that the group have some internal problems long before this came out (espcially Mirae). We’ll see how Cherry Bullet plays out, and if they can recover from this because apparently these three members are one of the more popular members of Cherry Bullet.

On to the next news, DIA’s Somyi just had a very disturbing broadcast that have the fans of the group searching to AID her. In the latest Instagram Live stream she confess using sleeping pills and was speaking in a very self degrading manner. Let’s hope MBK Entertainment actually acts upon this and give her some space to chill or maybe give her counseling. The industry really don’t need more blood on its hand after the events of this year. Sadly though it seem like some people thinks she’s dead for some reason, when I search up on google “DIA Somyi” abd the top suggestion was “death”, which is highly disturbing since she’s not dead yet.

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