Some news surrounding BTS.....

Some news surrounding BTS…..

Ah, it’s time we caught up with our FAVORITE boy scout. Let’s see what they have been up to recently!

1) BTS’ Jungkook gets into a car accident, and is forwarded to the prosecution

First a bit of minor news, BTS Jungkook last month got into a car accident with like a taxi driver of some sort. Why is this news worthy? Well let’s just say why I know why Hitler was view in such an untouchable light.

Basically when the news broke and some news organization pick it up, ARMY fans (only a few vocas one) took to Twitter denouncing the news as fake and basically lashing out at anybody who even said sometimes remotely anti-BTS. Well because ARMY didn’t really take it very well. When it was first reported, ARMY fans took to Twitter denouncing it as fake news! Not only that, some took it far as to dish out death threats to people who dare blemish their GOD!

Well when Big Hit came out and admit that there was a minor accident, it was just a bump with a taxi driver and both were lightly hurt and nothing DUI related, the ARMY then turn around and said “OH YEAH WELL IT WAS JUST A MINOR ACCIDENT WHY YOU JOURNALIST EXAGGERATE IT”? If you happen to click on that tweet, you will see the top comments basically saying “we didn’t try to cover it up, we were preventing misinformation”. Yes, may I present you President Trump voter base. Actually there so much comment about “we didn’t cover it up” makes you almost suspicious, seems very defensive. Also “preventing misinformation” is like basically the same as “covering it up” when you are “preventing” information that is true. You can say our beloved President is trying to prevent misinformation from the CORRUPT MEDIA! Two different terms, for the same thing.

Apparently though, it just so happens that it might not have been THAT minor after all because around a week ago, the police file Jungkook case to the prosecutor. This is strange because celebrities have got into car accidents before and just quitely paid off the tickets or the proper insurance money or whatever and this one didn’t seem any worse than just a minor bump. The police want to charge Jungkook with gross negligence even though both Jungkook and the aforementioned Taxi driver reach a settlement. The prosecutors did say that the case is unlikely to go anywhere since the accident doesn’t seem to fall in the realms of “gross negligence”. Strange that the police would filed the case to prosecution though on such a minor accident which is APPARENTLY >>>>>> whatever YG ever did!

2) JTBC’s “Newsroom” jump the gun

Ah JTBC’s “Newsroom” it was so good at dishing out juicy TRUTHFUL bits on Burning Sun or the BI Scandal, or even the YG scandal! Seems like “Newsroom” have let their success got into their head. This piece of false news reporting basically concerns an event that happened a couple weeks ago. BTS hired a lawyer to look into their contract terms. Apparently BTS just wanted to know what’s up but JTBC’s “Newsroom” took this as a sign that BTS was about to sue BigHit over some unfair things in the contract, you know stuff that artists such as Kang Daniel, and every TS Entertainment’s groups are/were facing. They went ahead and reported how BTS might be looking into a lawsuit and was shocked that ARMY fans start roasting and flaming them….. This time around, ARMY fans turn out to be right on the misinformation bit. BigHit released a official statement not long after basically going lawyered 1) 2) 3) on JTBC ass. While BTS did consult a law firm, it was over some minor issue that they eventually came to Big Hit about it that was not about their contract. Big Hit basically tored JTBC’s “Newsroom” reporting apart, saying that they way the report was phrase kind of violated journalist code of conduct which is true.

JTBC’s “Newsroom” have since apologize for their false reporting, noting that yes it does seem like no lawsuit was going to be undertaken.

On the December 16 broadcast, Son Suk Hee stated, “Recently, ‘Newsroom’ released a report that said BTS is looking into taking legal action against their agency. After additional reporting, we have judged that the likelihood of a real legal dispute is almost zero.” “Newsroom” stated through a video, “At the beginning of December, JTBC learned that a matter related to BTS had appeared in the internal network of a law firm in Gangnam, Seoul. This matter was in the form of a question as to whether there would be internal conflicts of interest if the law firm were to represent or give consultation to BTS about profit division with Big Hit Entertainment. Considering conflicts of interest are usually part of the procedure for launching a legal dispute. At the time, JTBC consulted several lawyers before reporting that there was a possibility of legal action. “But after checking the statements from the parties involved, we have judged that the likelihood of legal action is very low. Big Hit has revealed that they do not have any conflicts with BTS and that they had an exemplary contract renewal last year. BTS has also stated that they did not request a lawsuit from the law firm in question. The law firm in question has stated that they cannot confirm detailed information about their internal network.” Son Suk Hee concluded, “JTBC expresses regret at the fact that they filmed the agency’s office without permission from Big Hit during the reporting of this case. We also humbly and sincerely accept the criticism that our report was too ahead of itself in reporting on a situation where no legal action had been pursued.”

So problem solved? What I just hate about this is now ARMY have a data point to say “see SEE WHAT WE DID WAS RIGHT”. I’m not faking on that one, apparently they are now calling JTBC out for being fake and just “jealous of BTS success because they get ditch by BTS on variety shows and miss out on this cash”. Then they go play the victim card saying “wow BTS…… hated so much by the mainstream media”. Literally Trumpian, and it’s kind of disturbing to see all of this unfolds. Espcially since the majority of ARMY are females, damn I thought females tend to be more the voice of reason and us males are the one that bull rush into things stupidly.

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