CLC's racism, not again......

CLC’s racism, not again……

CLC #1: Shiz guys, we are STILL NOT POPULAR!!
CLC #2: What did we do wrong?? I mean we make mean badass girl songs?? What does GIDLE HAVE THAT WE DON’T HAVE???
CLC #3: Remember when we were racist that one time
CLC #6: Oh yeah I remember we apologize like immediately
CLC #3: That’s what I have been thinking. We SHOULDN’T HAVE!
CLC #4: WHAT????!!!!
CLC #3: But see what GIDLE did, they were racist and they didn’t own up to it. That’s how they got so many fans dawg. We need to be racist, let’s be honest who in South Korea likes black people? all laughs

Not again…… Not fucking again with this shit oh my god I’m so tired of this racism shiz.

Huh……. Well another Korean Racism, wow those two words stick like white on rice (my bad I like brown rice too :), Kpop case again. This time center around CLC, who has done this shit before and apologize mind you. Now it was actually not the whole CLC squad this time around, it was…. CLC’s Sorn posting what seem to be a very problematic picture on twitter. See if you can spot the problem….

We’ve been over this oh COME ON! Did you last apology mean shit then?

The real problem was apparently, when fans try to bring the racial issue up, CLC’s Sorn proceeded to double down like Got7’s Jackson on that dreadlock affair with an instagram post…..

Uh…. You sure about that? She seems to be like me when I’m so sure of my answer even though my buddies tell me otherwise, only to be reveal that I was dead wrong and kind of a dumbass.

Now I will get both side of the story here. The fact is, she once again apologize for her actions in a lengthy instagram post saying that she will reflect on my mistake the same way I reflect on my mistake in catholic confession…..

She also reiterated that her post of “I’m not stupid” was a rant about something totally different and not about that racially charged photo.

Although she refuse to clarify. Now of course there are some delus… I mean perfectly healthy fans that have come forth to defend Miss Sorn. One defense they have used is basically the victim card, saying that “SORN ALREADY APOLOGIZE WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT”. Last time I check, a lot of white people also have express regret and even apologize for what happen to black people in slavery. Heck I saw 7 of them debating last night about giving out reparations! Another defense, try to take the very smart route…..

Wow sounds like these fans are the republican party during impeachment. So basically what I am getting here is first she made the rant first on instagram before she posted the photo on twitter. This is classic what-about-ism the fact still remains, the photo is still racist! Ok so Miss Sorn might not have SCORN away those people who brought it up first, she might not be- for lack of a better term- a “douchebag” but she still kinda a douche. Finally fans that defending Sorn points out the mask is of Tiger Woods who IS half Asian and therefore seemingly want to used the “asians can’t be racist to other asian route”. Yes we all know Tiger Woods is half asian, you know when I ask asian students to name the best asian atheletes they go Yao Ming, Jeremy Lin, and Tiger Woods yes in that order yes yes. For all intent and purposes, TIger Woods has always been considered “black”. Also the “asian can’t be racist to all asian route” kinda BS, sure ok Sorn might not be a racist she was still being OFFENSIVE and that still means she was acting kinda douchie. Wow South Koreans a bunch of g$$ks am I right? Wow did I really just do that? But wait I can’t be racist, I’m asian! Oh noes, I’m EXONERATED. Yeah I’m totally a dick for saying that.

Now maybe it turned out that she really didn’t mean that instagram post to be a continuation of her twitter photo. Maybe it turns out the fans were right, maybe she did take a racist photo but didn’t double down making her more douchie. But therein lies the problem. It is sad that we are not sure! I can’t say for certain that Miss Sorn isn’t a racist, because as it was reveal a couple of weeks ago, an asian kpop star who was born in america mind you was outed as a racist. It’s gotten to the point that it kinda gets disheartening. The fans can’t really blame people for jumping to conclusions. It’s like an ex-convict Bob just got out of jail and reintegrated into the community. If there happen to be any crime that happens in the area, who’s gonna be on that suspect list first? The ex-convict simply because he has a criminal record, not that guy Big Ed who’s friend with all the police and drink with them at the bar. Maybe it turns out Bob had nothing to do with it, but nobody will be blaming anyone for suspecting Bob for it was (OK i know sometimes people are wrongly convicted) Bob fault for having that kind of record in the first place. This isn’t CLC first time getting really up close to the racial line, and frankly I find it hard to blame anyone for instantly condenming CLC’s Sorn as a racist.

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