K-EXOLs declare that Chen didn't "Love Them Right!"

K-EXOLs declare that Chen didn’t “Love Them Right!”

ALRIGHT GANG…….. GUESSSS WHO’S BACKKKKKKKKK. My apologies, again for the delay (gosh 19 days, I think that’s a new record). In my defense, I was preparing for the new semester of classes. I was also volunteering, fixing houses for people that was impacted by Hurricane Harvey so I didn’t write much at all like the last month and for that I apologize. Also met a girl, so I personally blame her for swaying me from my responsibilities. Speaking of meeting girls and letting them sway you from responsibilities…. EXO Chen (OOOOOH SMOOOOOOOTHHH transition).

Let’s get back to the basics now, so recently like earlier this January EXO Chen suddenly announce that he was going to get, what KPop stans would say, the “M-word”. Apparently he had been dating this girl and being the “I like my steak RAW I mean rare” kind of guy that he is, he had his steak rRAWr. This girl turns out to be not a celebrity, so thank god for her. Anyways Chen reveal to the world that he has went in too hard and now he’s actually expecting a child. Therefore shotgun or not, Chen is getting married and as expected the fan base literally blew up. Ok, it wasn’t the international KPop fan base cause let’s face it that base only blows up if lets say hypothetically one of BTS’ members was caught like…. H-wording a girl behind the back. EXO-L ACE cafe, one of the bigger “cafe fan base” of EXO in South Korea calls for Chen head and SM to intervene and kick him out! To be honest, I feel like Chen could leave EXO right now and nothing would happen cause for all intent and purposes, EXO is a dying/kinda dead band. Like what I feel (sadly) is that SM only use them when they need quick money, but overall EXO has been relatively inactive, and their latest release of “Obsession” didn’t get that much promotional time.

Anyways these supposed “majority mad” EXO-L in Korea took to the internet and twitter to speil their anger out. Tweets like these fill out my little notification board!

Sir if that tweet was true, Asia would be the most contradictory nation ever! If you ever had the luck, or the bad luck as my ass tells me, of having typical Asian parents, they WANT their kids to get marry. It seems like 2 billion+ people is not enough to sastify these Asian parents thirst for a grandson. Heck, if you reach the age of 28 and have never gone on a single date, that would unironically trigger Asian parents more than anything, well almost everything….. maybe except for getting a B on your report card. As I have always say, it’s kind of sad that a LOT of idols (even though they are quite pretty in the looks department) or even people in Korea entertainment industry don’t end up getting married even though I know their parents be like “RAR RAR RAR RAR MARRIAGE”. It’s kind of sad that the ones that DO end up getting married, usually disappear from the entertainment industry and only come back like 5 years later and then sporadically like me with this blog even though pre-marriage they were doing dramas left and right. Now it could be that because most of K-entertainment marriage happens 35+ (seems like, I pull that out of the blue of course. Also popularity play a big role of course, wow that is a CURSE and a BLESSING) so the actor and actresses are at the “end of their career” anyways. Or it could be that they are taking time off to fulfill Asian manifest destiny of populating the whole world. Or maybe it’s because of fans like these, who imaginary world is destroyed when idols/actors/actresses get married. You know as they say, if you TRULY LOVE THEM, you should be happy for them. The fact that these fans loving their idols (OOOOOOOH IMA MARRRRRY THE PERSON) is not a bad thing, it’s the fact that they don’t “love” correctly is the bigger issue. Let them GO guys, Come ON!

Update: Oh my gosh I just learned that K-EXOL actually held a protest at SM headquarters ordering Chen to be booted. Surprisingly, President Trump’s inauguration had more people! Wow can’t you believe it, I guess those SEXY SEVEN really believe in their cause. I’m PROUD OF THEM! But this….deserves a MEME


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