Seungri arrest warrant once again rejected

Seungri arrest warrant once again rejected

Ah, isn’t it the MASTERMIND himself behind all of this Burning Sun stuff that have far reaching consequences in the entertainment industry. A quick update, Big Hit apparently have overtook YG Entertainment in terms of profit, making them+JYP+SM the new “big three”. I personally don’t actually think Big Hit Entertainment deserve that big 3 title yet, because sure even though they have made more money than YG Entertainment and they have a new shexy headquarter, they have not have a record of producing big names yet. Like YG produce big artists consistently from AKMU, to 2NE1, to Big Bang, and to Blackpink. All Big Hit Entertainment has done so far is drop a one hit wonder in BTS. TXT doesn’t seem to be that known to the Korean public, and Big Hit other big group “GFriend” was acquired rather than the company actually debuting.

Anyways back to Seungri, even though some of his buddies have been tried and condemn, Seungri himself has dodge all bullets with seemingly ease. The last time the prosecution actually tried to bring Seungri in with an arrest warrant, it failed. And in the immortal words of Einstein, the prosecution must be insane (“doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”) because they once again requested Seungri to be arrested and SOMEHOW WAS EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS FROM LAST TIME. Now of course, Seungri has not gone to trial yet, and he will….. probably….. maybe…… a bit greater than 10%…., so he could still “realistically” be punish for his crimes…. Unless of course he manage to enlist in the army and then like hypothetically do so well as to earn himself a couple of medals so this whole incident will be swept under the rug…….

Wow it’s literally like a nightmare coming to life.

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