Seungri and friends indicted without detention

Seungri and friends indicted without detention

Prosecutor: DRATS, I can’t believe I was REJECTED AGAIN. slam down phone and holds up a picture of Seungri Oh Seungri, you know you belong with me. Right by my side…. points at a jail cell next to his office Resisting my advances is pointless. You of all people should know about futile resistance 😉 from your victims. Don’t you see your comrades, Joon Young and Jong Hoon? They told me No, but Seungri dear, in your world and mine, No means Yes ;). So why don’t you quietly come by my side… Reply to my text Seungri, let’s get this over with cuddles with Photo
Prosecutor Minion: Sir Prosecutor snap out of it Are you alright?
Prosecutor: Oh me oh why yes yes. I’m quite alright, just kind of mad phones ring OMG A NOTIFICATION. OOOH OOOOOH SEUNGRI JUST “SEEN” MY DM AND JUST SEND ME A REPLY. Let’s see here, this image might contain mature contents. Oh Seungri you think I would be scare? I have seen tons of mature contents, unlike you I haven’t been caught yet 😉 OPEN SESAME!

“Nah Nah Po Po you got to Go Go”


Prosecutor Minion: AYe????!
Prosecutor: FILE AN INDICTMENT FOR MY MUSE HERE. He is my mouse, and it’s time he knows, I have a big cat 😉

And what seems like forever, it seems like judgement is being handed out one by one to those that was involved in the Burning Sun Scandal that has left a smelly mark on Korean entertainment industry in the past year, albeit not really fairly. First it was Jong Hoon, and Joon Young getting prison time, but now Seungri is formally indicted with charges of mediating prostitution services, habitual gambling, and a violation of Foreign Exchange Transition Act. Of course since the prosecution’s arrest warrant was rejected by the judge, this indicment is “without detention” meaning that they won’t be bringing him in custody anytime soon.

This kind of sucks, because those charges carried with it like more large fines than prison time. I would think the “Ring Leader” of them all would get you know the MOST PRISON TIME, but I guess there’s a reason why Seungri is the “Ring Leader”, he’s pretty smart. He didn’t partake in any rape activities (although there are allegations) and all he did was start a group chat where they share secret hidden cameras, which are apparently not that illegal, pretty widespread, and he has destroy most of those said groupchats to the point where authorities do not have much of a case against him.

The prosecution also indicted Jong Hoon on the charge of “YOU WANTED TO BRIBE” and “The myth, the legend, the BOY” CEO Yang on charges of Habitual gambling (which definitely usually DOESN’T involve jail times, usually just a big fine) even though he probably committed bigger crimes.

On January 30, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office indicted Seungri, Yang Hyun Suk, and nine other individuals related to the Burning Sun case without detention. Seungri was indicted charges of mediating prostitution services, habitual gambling, and violation of the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act.

Meanwhile, Choi Jong Hoon was indicted without detention for expressing will of bribery.

As soon as the indictment news spread, #StanWithSeungri became the number one trending hashtag on twitter for a couple of hours. I actually made the mistake of tweeting to that hashtag, expressing my dismay for how many delulosional fan there are, and how the people who were like “Seungri is guilty!” had a double purpose in that they posted fan cams too which was frustrating. It’s like I commented on the Australian wildfire saying “Oh noes, my heart goes out for Australia let’s stop climate change!” and then posted a random out of the blues fan cam of KPop people dancing and smiling. You would think “hey does coolguy1234’s heart REALLY go out for Australia” in which it would you will be right, it doesn’t, because I’M GLAD SYPHILIS KOALAS ARE BEING DESTROY. KOALA BOB please please WEAR A CONDOM.

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