LOONA barely sings, but actually "So What?"

LOONA barely sings, but actually “So What?”


For what it is worth, I will never understand the mindset behind “Stan Loona”. If anyone want to explain it to me, I would be happy to listen because for real, I do not know what they have over any other girl groups beside the member count. Do they have great personality? Well I think every girl group has great personality on screen there’s only a few that has troublesome camera personality. Do they have great songs? I definitely haven’t heard any (including So What). Or is it the fact that they are a relatively “small group” and therefore to be unique and not mainstream people scream out “STAN LOONA” but then why not stand Dreamcatcher instead if you want to go a bit off mainstream. They have better songs for what it’s worth, they even have more of a unique sound and concept (ok maybe not UNIQUE sounds but they tend to be more instrumental and grating synth pop while LOONA seemingly wants to spread the message of “oh I do this shiz, oh you don’t like it HA SO WHAT? Burn yourself” which is a message that almost every girl group in Korea is trying to send right now for some weird reason. 

And this song included. “So What” seems to follow the troublesome trend of Girl Groups not singing for shizzle and then try to let the grating synth pop carry them all the way through the song with minimal lyrics and then package it to all the stanners who then eat it up like candy (and stream the shiz out of it) regardless of the quality. I can’t understand “So What” it barely has any lyrics and the song is dominated by grating sound of the synth throughout the chorus of them screaming “I have a temper oooh I am so cold but so WHAT??”. The whole song is literally those lyrics follow by “I’m so bad SO WHAT” with amplified synth waves and then striking “cool bad ass poses”. That’s LITERALLY THE WHOLE SONG and for what it’s worth I would say that outside the chorus when the synth is not grating and dominating the whole background music, it has a nice (albeit a little generic) tempo with the bass. But if 70% of the song is dominate by the lyric-less, repetitive chorus couple by a beat that was seemingly made by ramping up random buttons on the recording machine, then the song itself is defined by that and is not good at all. If LOONA had somehow minimize the chorus and follow more of the pre-chorus tempo, the song would have come out MUCH MUCH BETTER in my view. Until they release a decent song, LOONA stands as an anomaly for me and until they can get out a listenable song, they aren’t going anywhere but Nugu-dom. I would have expected much better release from LOONA because SM Entertainment is now currently intervening. I just hope from now on the song will get better and better.

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