IZONE's "Fiesta" is a cheerful tune before the impending DOOM

IZONE’s “Fiesta” is a cheerful tune before the impending DOOM

In the aftermath of the investigation into corruption of the Produce Series, IZ*ONE is set to embark on what could be their last year together releasing music before the inevitable DOOM that is their contract ending. I got to say, it’s actually a perfect song theme wise, especially during these times and for IZ*ONE. It’s a cheery tune that seemingly is trying to open the final chapter for the group while trying to make people forget that the investigation ever happened by distracting people with colorful dances in this music video. It’s very symbolic, by accident, of the situation now as the world is acting like NOTHING IS HAPPENING while the virus is just MAKING its rounds beneath the surface


And I would say the colorful dances works not because it’s colorful, for me it’s more like it’s out of the ordinary for IZ*ONE. Their music videos are usually mono-or at most bi colorish. Correct me if I’m wrong but “La Vie En Rose” was basically all red & white, “Violetta” was basically them playing in the blue-purple color spectrum. “Vampire” was all dark and I guess that leaves “Buenos Aires” that is even remotely as colorful if I am remembering things right? I LOVE IZ*ONE songs because it always make me go outside to check that I am not colorblind and in fact I can see ALL THE COLORS and not just see the world in either blue-ish hue and reddish tint. I would say this about “Fiesta” I like it. Not for the reasons you think, it’s because I believe that it is an effective opening song to a new and probably final chapter in their journey and not only that it’s a refreshing listenable to release since, for me at least, “Violetta”. “Vampire” sounded like IZ*ONE asked a 12 year old to do their vocal mix, and “Buenos Aires” tried a lot of things and succeeded in nothing especially in believable-ness because apparently IZ*ONE thinks that Buenos Aires is like heaven for them which I absolutely REFUSE TO BELIEVE. “Fiesta” has nothing unique or game changing in the name of KPop. It has nothing, and the song itself IS NOTHING, that has been done before especially with regards to electronic dance music. It sounds like half a million other songs, but here’s the thing about sounding like half a million other songs. It works! That’s why there’s HALF A MILLION ARTIST DOING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE (of course this logic fails really quickly if you read this blog and see that I hate one word chorus follow by a stupid ass beat drop that half a million groups are doing these days). “Fiesta” will not be making it to my Google Play anytime soon, but I enjoy it frankly, and it does seem like IZ*ONE fired their 12 year old vocal mixer because this song actually sounds “normal”. Good Grief!

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