Tay Tay got some advice for VIXX's Hongbin

Tay Tay got some advice for VIXX’s Hongbin

In our latest idol gaffes, we have Hongbin from the group VIXX. Hongbin recently had a streaming session on TWITCH TV to celebrate his 1 year anniversary since streaming. What is a one year anniversary without the champagne, the alcohol!!?? Hongbin of course had his fill (not on screen) and might have been just a little tipsy and the alcohol might have loosen his tongue a little bit too much when he was finally on air for Hongbin let out a long ass spiel, basically taking out his REPRESSED feelings on the one entertainment company that DIDN’T SEE HIS GLORIOUS TALENT…. SM Entertainment.

Ever the femnist, Hongbin attacked not only girl groups like Red Velvet, but his most flaming rhetoric was aimed towards boy groups like INFINITE, SHINEE, and most of all EXO. Let’s go through his expressive commentary on these groups one by one!


So when “EVERYBODY” by SHINee was heard, the great Master Hongbin said: “Idol music and band music are like fire and water, both cannot co-exist in the same dimension. That’s why EVERBODY SUCKS ASS”

On the forest of EXO:

The King of Goryo once went on the hunting ground and brought along the great teacher Hongbin. When the King spotted a Wolf and try to claim the trophy, the great teacher Hongbin suddenly step in between the king and the Wolf. The king, curious and screaming “BBBBUHHH???”, ask the great teacher what the heck he was doing to which the great master said: “My Lord, why do you wish to hunt this filthy wolf? In this lushous forest, this wolf has seen no danger, no shortage of food or exercise. The forest have basically spoonfeeded this motherfucker. Hunting this wolf have no skill, sure he is fat and big, but it takes no skill to hunt this wolf. Heck even if your highness hunt all 9 of these wolves in the forest, including that red color loving wolf, it is NOT AT ALL IMPRESSIVE!”. “Why why why” the king mused “what animal will serve as a great trophy then” to which the great teacher reply “There’s this animal call the VIXX that has to survive many dangers and that have develop a highly sophiscated plan to forage for food that was taught to it none other than itself. If you were to hunt this VIXX, it would make 10x the trophy value than this no good wolf!”. The King of Goryo shrugged and proceeded to make the “no good” wolf his trophy anyways because he knew the VIXX was very irrelevant trophy to be had.

On the village of Red Velvet:

The great Master once travel to a village fill with beautiful (authority citation needed) but short as fuck women at the height of the picking season. The master saw the women carry a variety of fruits such as pineapple, orange, grapes, kiwi, and watermelon. On seeing the perversion of these women array of fruits not containing the obvious banana, he is said to cry out “OOOOH THE PERVERSION! THE PERVERSION! TOO MANY COLORS TOO MUCH FRUIT TOO MUCH HEALTHYNESS. This Village of women will never know the banana for SURE!”

On the INFINITE fields

The Great Master Hongbin said: “Ah the fields of Infinite, where the only thing that’s harvest is L, L, and more L’s. This field of vegetation is not so good! It so bad that the next time when I see the farmers tending to this field, I’m gonna beat their asses in”

Now of course, bashing espcially big groups like Red Velvet, SHINee, INFINITE, and EXO will certainly draw ire of that group entire fan base (-3 fans for EXO of course). I personally know that first hand (just talk shiz (even right shiz) at BTS) it can be very troublesome, and troublesome indeed it was for Hongbin who quickly stream an additional 3 times to send out his sincerest apologies.

Hello. This is Lee Hong Bin (Hongbin). I sincerely apologize to the artists and the fans of those artists who were hurt by my improper words and actions from my previous late-night live broadcast. I also apologize to the VIXX members and fans for causing them to worry. There is no room for excuse. No matter what reason it was for, I am deeply reflecting on acting carelessly and not thinking deeply. I once again bow my head in apology to those who were disappointed by me. I will take care to ensure that something like this does not happen again, and I will reflect on myself. I am truly sorry.

Even Jellyfish Entertainment (who VIXX is under) took this matter quite seriously, threatening to end Hongbin career unless he gets his act together!

“An employee from my agency came. They told me to just leave the team if I’m going to be like this. I think that makes sense. If my team tells me to leave, I’ll leave. Please don’t criticize my team. I made the mistake, not them.”

Now I think this is really not that serious and I really hope it blows away for Hongbin. I he bashed in other groups when these groups have absolutely done nothing to him, but I can really empathize with him where he comes from. The idol life is a tough one no doubt, you train in and out, practice in and out for upwards to like 12 hours per day and then your company give you a single cucumber for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and that’s all you get to eat (exaggerating a little bit here). Imagine doing that in and out, and then never getting recognition for the work you do, or never making enough money as the other guy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has to work for 0 minutes to get 10000X more money than you (if we were to take Hongbin phrase at face value how EXO is taught everything while VIXX has to come up with original content. To be honest SM does have a tendency to “script” everything). Clearly this was just to blow off some steam from all the pent up disappointement and frustration. Was it right for Hongbin to do this? No he should have found a proper place (AKA not going live) to talk smack about others but we must all agree that when view from this lense it’s understandable/relatable even that Hongbin blew off (cause hell the courage my tongue gets when I have repressed feelings about something or someone when you mix in a little alcohol). Idol life is all about luck and chances, landing the right company, releasing that one lucky hit and following up can mean glory, or absolute fuckery and we can agree that VIXX hasn’t exactly been as lucky as the other groups that Hongbin flamed even though all of them work just as hard (maybe VIXX word even harder). Hongbin needed to get it off his chest and while what he did was wrong, it is not so revolting and inappropriate that he deserves the boot out of his own group or even everlasting hatred from different fandoms. Don’t we all have those days of mini outburst that just happened at the wrong place in the wrong time? Let’s cut Hongbin some slack after of course the different fandoms give him some good smack to set him straight. I would argue, this has already been pretty much done.

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