The Corona WITCH HUNT ensues

The Corona WITCH HUNT ensues

As Corona cases ravage Korea, it has hurt the country economically, socially, and what seems like kind of mentally as well! Now hospitals have been running low on supplies like face mask, or even proper treatment tools ever since this virus outbreak started and rich people, a.k.a celebrities have been happy to get brownie points by footing some of the bill with face mask donation or putting money in community chest to help combat the disease (I would like to say ARMY fandom did something actually good here) as K-drama filming slowdown and concerts are postponned. But as fear settle in and as cases rise, there seem to be some sort of a witch hunt for those celebrities who said that they “don’t like brownies”. First it was apparently AOA’s Seoulhyun, who took a quick break at NY at a fashion gala, posting pics of herself only for Knetz to call her an attention hogging w word for not helping out. Then it was A-lister Jun Ji Hyun, who was shamed (even though I think she donated without looking at the comments) into donating to help the cause and then shamed again for good measure after the donation! Now I would say that of course, rich people espcially celebrities should always donate to good causes, but the Knetz seemingly witch hunting and public shaming the ones that doesn’t is not the way to go. Imagine you work your 9-5 job and earn your hard earn money and then the government said “ayo I’m gonna have to yeet 15% of your salary to combat poverty”. Would you like that? No of course you wouldn’t! Nobody likes fucking TAXES! Now of course these celebrities earn way more than the typical worker “9-5” job but the morality is still the same, they earned their money therefore they should get the right to spend it how they see fit. Should they donate to good causes, YES! Should they donate to alleviate their country impending epidemic? Hell YES but they shouldn’t get viciously mocked online just because they chose not too. We don’t viciously mocked billionaires when they don’t fucking gather together and take a portion of their income to solve poverty or African children starvation (we just vote for Bernie lol) because the bottom line is if you earn your money you should have the right to spend it how you see fit although your MORALITY should tell you to do the right thing in donating a bit of your money and spread the wealth a bit. For now it really seem like a witch hunt as netizens scourge the internet to see which celebrity has not donated, look out Song Jong Ki, Jang Hyuk, Rain OPPPAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS etc (UwU motherfuckers) the wave is coming so MIGHT AS WELL SHELL OUT MONEY NOW!!!


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