YG's to possible debut a new girl group in later half of 2020

YG’s to possible debut a new girl group in later half of 2020

After a tumultous year full off betrayal, epic plot twists, and very not fantastic reveals (summary here) YG entertainment seem to regain some trust with its investors as its stock price rise to now 33K won a share (way up from like 22K or some shiz when all the scandal broke). Although YG has found some stabilization, the amount of artist remaining at YG = the number of people alive at the end of Macbeth. To that end, YG is now trying to hard push whatever asset they have left from Big Bang (Coachella comeback) to Black Pink (more modeling?? Oh yeah a comeback) to AKMU (comeback TBD) and the company have announced plans for a new girl group in the later half of 2020. Now most people view this as a “oh great Black Pink RIP” or “ha try 2024 bish ass” and given YG history of “One Song One Year” system, I can understand where the fear or the “NO WAY” is coming from. What I really think will happen is that YG will actually manage two groups at once (the way JYP is keeping his cash cow in TWICE and juggling monster rookies ITZY at the same time) and they will actually debut a new group in the next upcoming months. This is because again as I said before, a lot of big or at least profitable artists and trainees (Lee Hyori, CL etc) ran away from YG corruption stench so much so that YG total profits last year became less than Big Hit’s. This means not only does YG has the free up space and management to juggle another group, they are kind of incentivize to do so because right now they only have a viable/definitely profitable asset in Blackpink (the latest comeback I bet will be gobble up so fast even though it might suck ass like “Kill This Love”) and AKMU (Big Bang is questionable after many whammy blows from TOP drug scandal to OPPPPPPPPPPAAAA Big Bad Seungri). YG needs more than that if they are going to reclaim their top 3 throne, and I have a feeling that this new CEO of YG won’t let CEO Bang of Big Hit get away with one-upping YG during its time of crisis. For me as a KPop fan, I just hope YG promote its group and know what its doing for having one group and managing them well is better than having 5 groups and giving them each a song per decade.

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