Get your Pimping certificate today from South Korea Government for only $831

Get your Pimping certificate today from South Korea Government for only $831

Even though Jung Joon Young, a participant in the Burning Sun scandal that has rocked the Korean Entertainment industry, will be serving six years in prison for gang rape he is only getting a wrist slapped for the other charge of pimping. He is going to be fined about 1 million won which equates to around $831 dollars. Not surprising given that prostitution in Korea accounts for around 1.6% of the nation GDP or around $13 billion USD. I mean come on it HAS to be a measel fine or else no one will enter the pimping industry if it’s UNPROFITABLE.

On April 3, it was reported that the Seoul District Courts fined Jung Joon Young for one million won (approximately $810) after he was summarily indicted for violating laws related to prostitution.

Gosh damn only $831, you know this is getting to a certain point where you know what I WANT TO BE A PIMP UP IN HERE. Can a brother get into this business? I WANNA SALE SOME GIRLS!

OH OH OH JUST KIDDING APRIL FOOLS WAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA. You know I have seen many female KPop fans lashing out at this toxic masculinity culture in Korea but I think the saddest thing is that despite celebrities doing all these awful things there will be always fans that will defend them (female fans) although if you are a non celebrity prepare to be cancel SOOO QUICK.


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