Oh My Girl has a real chance at breaking into the top group, and I don't like it....

Oh My Girl has a real chance at breaking into the top group, and I don’t like it….


Maybe I should elaborate, I am totally for it, but NOT THAT WAY it’s lookin’.

Look I always though OMG as a “last resort innocent group”. After all the modern GG be fallin left and right for the SAME concept of girl crush (including my personal favorite group TWICE), I have ALWAYS expected OMG would always be pumpin’ out innocent hits. Although they are not my favorite group, I still think “Secret Garden” is one of the BEST INNOCENT-concept song in KPop girl groups (take that with a grain of salt, I don’t listen to SES or Fin KL) and “Closer” was a straight up bop. OMG always struck me as melodic, and with actually flesh out sound and lyrics unlike groups such as Black Pink sitcking in a “cool beat drop” and hoping it sticks in people mind (and I would say TWICE also). OMG was not like that, sure their song aren’t catchy, you won’t be hearing me singing “Secret Garden” or “CLOSER TO YOUUUU” (actually you won’t hear me AT ALL AFTER I DDU-DDU ON YYOU-YYOU AHAHAHAHAAAHAAHA) but like those two hits WERE GOOD, mix of ballad and idol pop. I was actually glad last year to hear that they finally got their first win with “Fifth Season” because that PROVES that innocent concept was still viable in a sea of “Girl Crush” (especially all the Gen 3.5 new debutees ahem GIDLE and ITZY). Never would I thought that “Nonstop” would be OMG’s seemingly break out hit, sticking to the charts like COVID sticking to the America- a LONG ASS TIME.

If I were to be blindfolded, I would say this is a pretty good girl crush song. It’s catchy, it’s upbeat, and the beat drop/synth mix is not ear grating. If this was any other group I would say “Hey MISSION ACHIEVE”. Not only that, the chorus part at least has some more lyrics that saying the title over and over and dancing seductively hoping to distract viewers from the fact that there is only one word in the entire chorus line. It flows well, the bass drum beat is always there, there’s no sudden beat drop that makes it seems like two songs. The little beat during the chorus (evident in the part right before “Non stop non stop non stop non stop” the tuh duh duh duh duh!) was simple yet catchy and not ear grating as I emphasize again. Job well done! But sadly I wasn’t blindfolded, and seeing this as an OMG song HORRIFIED me because it doesn’t really sound OMG-esque at all. There’s no ETHEREAL “ooooooh” ballad that has come to defined OMG to me. It’s literally like you blindfolded me, gave me something to eat I say “HMMMMMM TASTE LIKE CHICKEN” finish up the whole dish and you told me I was eating crickets this entire time. Sure the song might have been good, but that doesn’t make me any less HORRIFIED that OMG of all groups is falling into the girl crush simple catchy beat drop trend of most girl groups these days. The only solace I can take from this song is that although it sounds way different and it sounds like a girl crush concept song, there’s some innocent vibes throughout the music video. From the brighter lights during the dance break (most girl crush during the dance break make sure their video looks dark) to them chasing a grown ass teddy bear around town, there’s a semblance of “cutesy”. WAIT UNLESS THAT TEDDY BEAR WAS FROM “TED” WHICH IS RATED M-18!! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT THAT TEDDY BEAR IS A FUCKING MONSTER THIS SONG ISN’T CUTESY AT ALL!

You might be tempted to say “yo coolguy1234, it just shows OMG is evolving their sound” and I say to you take a look at this…..


YOU WOULD BE RIGHTLY PISS WOULDN’T YOU? CATCH THEM ALL, MORE LIKE CATCH ONE OF THEM THEY ARE ALL THE SAME IN THE END. It’s not EVOLUTION if groups tend to swing to ONE TYPE OF SOUND, and ONE TYPE OF CONCEPT. And sadly, OMG seem to have undergo this EVOLUTION, the days of bangers and blows that are SSW, and Secret Garden are at a CLOSE(r). Although I have to say, respect they seem to have actually started on something great when they enter that Queendom show!

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