Everyone is falling victim to Crayon Pop infectious "Bar Bar Bar"

Everyone is falling victim to Crayon Pop infectious “Bar Bar Bar”

Who knew that this was where it was headed???

I, WILL BARR. I.E do semi-legal, very fishy things that’s just on the line of “what the???”

A new scandal has taken hold in the news and this time it’s has been deem as “Itaewon Scandal”. No not “Itaewon Class” the KDrama that kinda suck but seems like it has everyone sucking up to it, no this Itaewon Scandal is definitely more sucky than “Itaewon Class”.

Apparently it has been brought to light that several KPop idols such as ASTRO’s Eunwoo and NCT’s Jaehyun + 2 others went out for some drinks in the Itaewon region on April 25th, the same date that the Korean Center for Disease basically say “bro please social distance and also bro please considered only going out for ABSOLUTE NECESSARY THINGS”.

Dispatch says they confirmed the rumors of Jungkook, Cha Eunwoo, Jaehyun, and Mingyu gathering together, and they visited a restaurant and 2 entertainment facilities. The problem became how to deal with their visit after the new outbreak of cases tied to Itaewon. The KCDC requested that everyone who visited Itaewon between April 24-May 6 get tested, and that’s exactly what the 4 idols did.

Jungkook, Cha Eunwoo, Jaehyun, and Mingyu all got tested and received a negative result. However, the KCDC recommends that one self isolates for 2 weeks, due to the virus’s incubation period. This would mean they would have to stay inside until May 10.

Instead, Cha Eunwoo started his comeback promotions with ASTRO on May 7, appearing on Cultwo Show and Hidden Track. He also performed on Music Bank on May 8, and Music Core on May 9. Jaehyun continued on with his MC duties for Inkigayo, appearing on the April 26, May 3, and May 10 episodes. Jungkook and Mingyu had no official schedules.

As soon as they were outed, other fandoms, espcially ARMY, went to twitter to say “hah these botches be wildin’ thank god IM NOT A FAN OF THEM” until it was reveal that the two others included BTS’s Jungkook and SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu in a moment which can only be explained in one of my photoshoot…..

OK so yes they didn’t exactly break any rules, it was just a guidelines like when your asian parents tell you to be back by 8. It’s just a guideline, there’s no rule broken here so you won’t get whoop (JUST BE GRATEFUL YOU DIDN’T GET ASIAN PARENTS WAH WAH WAHHHH). These four idols did get tested after the whole Itaewon dinner affair and the test came back negative. But as we all learn, they were suppose to self isolate for 2 weeks (which is standard even for america), which less just say they didn’t. It seems like we have found ourselves the Rudy Gobert of the KPop world, they are literally trying to end it for everyone.

Now KPop fans basically are out in a life and death battle to be like “bro he said sorry so why we still talking they stress” which is so peaked white-esque style privilege/Karen move during these times where some people are in a life and death battle with coronavirus that makes me question why the FUCK am I into this shiz. Anyone can tell that this was the wrong move under any circumstances. I have talked a lot of shiz about netizens especially when they basically did the “twist hand to the back give me your lunch money punk” move when this pandemic was in its early days because that was wrong but for once the netizens are actually doing something right here. I’m a college student, I should be out there with my age group partying like we bringing back the 60s and 80s. You see it all the times in movies, the things to know about college kids (BOYS) are party, alcohol, what are grades? and bitches dude! Yet I am here, stuck at home for two months now even though technically lock down ended for me like what, a month ago? Yet these idols, who are in their 20s (what 23 which is technically passed the 4 years of college) and who are rich enough to afford games like Animal Crossing (me broke :((((((( ) can’t even stay in for two weeks???

In other news, KARA’s Gyuri was basically also caught lighting it up in Itaewon. Apparently she did wear some sort of face mask, but the DJ put on KARA songs and that’s how she was expose. Let me just say, first BAD but second mad respect. Like if you going to go out and get exposed, might as well go out with the headlines “Idol gets exposed for being TOO LOYAL to her group”.

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