KPop Stans flooding TWITTER to drown out racist tweets and I am very conflicted about that

KPop Stans flooding TWITTER to drown out racist tweets and I am very conflicted about that

I feel very….. conflicted

Well the news today is about KPop stans and their fancams. Usually I do not like them but I guess they should have some commendation this time around. Apparently, they, while on the mission to spread the love for their favorite idols, have officially been out there crashing racist things left and right from…..

the Dallas snitching app that was put out by the police to encourage snitching on your fellow protesters….

You know what’s scarier than a massive amount of people? Massive amount of people that is well coordinated with a goal in mind

Heck even when “#BlackOutTuesday” was the thing on Instagram, let me just say that it was very funny to see that hashtag has more post on it in a single day than the BLM hashtag over 5 years which is highly ironic, and racist started doing #WhiteOutTuesday- which to be honest I didn’t even know existed/was a thing until like today- KPop stans were there lighting it up unloading their 50 gb folders of photos and fancams for all to see.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>The K-pop stans have done it again!! 🤣 <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Asad⁷ (@asaaaad23) <a href=””>June 3, 2020</a></blockquote> <script async src=”” charset=”utf-8″></script>

All of this destroying have undeniably got them some shoutouts and news coverage……

It does seem that these KPop stans actually mean well but I am still skeptical. Like a lot of their past behaviors, they would always include a huge passage that sound very woke to the hashtag at hand only to end it with a fucking fancam of their favorite idol. Basically they simped hard just to put their favorite idol fancams even in depressing news like I remember when Kobe died and there was that hashtag, KPop stans were fucking posting fancams while also saying “wow he was MY HERO”. Now I believe that these KPop stans this time around, at least a majority or at least 50% of them mean well. At least a lof of them do seem to mean well and want to contribute to the racial conversation. I saw tweets of a KPop stans “rallying” the troops to send fancam to, as was stated above, that Dallas snitching app to sharing their secret YouTube streaming methods to get videos to have ridiculous sky high numbers for funding events

But again I can’t seem to stomach it because this is the same group (BTS fans especially), I am not saying the same people because I don’t have time to sit around to piece twitter handles to one another, that defended Suga when he was clear trying to be fake woke and ended up being anti-blackness in his latest “mixtape”. The same group of people that interrupt important good conversations with their stupid fancams before this on subjects that had NOTHING to do with KPop. That’s why I feel even though majority are genuine, not a small portion is acting Amy Cooper-esque or “wolf in sheep skin” in that they SEEM to be caring about the racial conversation, but in reality their are only in it because they know by being in this trending conversation they can get their idols to be THAT MUCH more known. For them this is a win-win situation, since the BLM movement is trending over every other topic,  if they helped out in a way that benefit the BLM movement, not only can they paint a picture, for their own ego, that they care about the conversation and are not racist, they will get so much coverage and that translates to their favorite idols being that much more known. I was watching TV the other day and saw news report on this exact same thing, on KPop stans crashing snitching apps and flooding bad hashtags out. So do they deserve for their favorite idol group to be known because they did a good thing, I would say “yeah” I mean intentions aside this is clearly a good thing they should get some sort of press coverage. But I would really still want to keep them at arm’s length, because even F(x)’s Amber knew to posted stuff saying “support BLM” even though before she was literally saying a black man deserve to be arrested for eating a fucking sandwich on a train platform. All intentions and genuine-ness aside, I would want to say thank you KPop stans for doing this obviously good thing but please stop posting fancams on irrelevant materials in the future, like please.

Also posting messages is good and all but ask yourself if you really want racist to stan your favorite group. Because if you introduce in the racists, that will just reinforce the stereotype of your anti-blackness, so do please consider that


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