Amber said to stop sending her malicious comments, which is right but.....

Amber said to stop sending her malicious comments, which is right but…..

Ah yes. It’s a me-go. Today new’s (well TODAY IN MY DEFINITION, it’s a tad late) is x f(x)–> f(Amber)= Racist?

As we all know, the black vs. police conversation has been dominating the news cycle along with 2020 being quite the start of a new century. Any who we also know that KPop is getting a lot of coverage for the fandom role from suppressing police “watchdog” apps like IWatchDallas (now IWatchKPopFancams) to recently trolling President Trump’s rally in Tulsa by not allowing people in (block the metal detectors) and/or holding fake ticket reservation ahead of time. To an extent that is fine because the fake ticket reservation only blow up the numbers and it doesn’t really effect on those who really want to go because let’s face it the Trump was probably going to multiply his actual crowd by 10 anyways, but it’s getting dangerously close to a point where I am icky. The point of blatant First Amendment suppression of speech because “I don’t like that speech”. If it was a KKK rally, a white supremacist rally (which I am certain some people do view President Trump rally as) sure suppress it because it’s pure hate. Even if a presidential rally turns into pure hate, it’s the president he is allow to speak (over some mad person in his parent’s basement) and people have the right to go hear him speak. Sure the Tulsa Rally might have broken every CDC standards, but hey we have been protesting en masse and many of my friends have been posting on Instagram going to crowded places without their mask on so….. 

Anyways sorry about that long winded sidenote, let’s get back to the topic at hand. As you know there were many asian artists that spoke out against the police brutality which is a good thing although I am highly skeptical that the majority of them meant well and not just did it because “bro we can hit it big $$$$” but since a lot of them donated I won’t complain. Anyways Amber was also an Asian artist that spoke up about the issue and she was instantly bombarded with hate. This is due to the fact that Amber has been long known to be a bit fishy on the race issue. From calling a Mexican fan “a burrito” to the recent incident on JK news where she was shown a clip of a police officer arresting a black man for eating a sandmich on a train platform and she said “he deserve it”. Now Asian artists have made a load of fishy comments, it’s just disheartening to see Amber do so because she was RAISE IN AMERICA she went to SCHOOL HERE in the 90s-early 2000s unlike other who has been in Korea and who only see yellow folks.

Anyways as the hate flow in Amber of course lashed out. 

I mean I would say she has a bit of a point. Hell I wouldn’t want my off comments made in my early tweens to come back and bite me in the butt, oh wait she made her comments a couple of months ago. I would also say even though it is wrong to be hating on her so much, Amber should have really expected it. We are living in at a time where statues of Gandhi is torn up because “he was racist that one time” to Washington (he owned slaves!! Wow really? Yes every fucking white well to do male own slaves back then which is wrong but to tear up statues of Washington based on that fact is just not it. I bet things we do now 150-200 years from now will be FUCKED UP, should we be judged? Yes to an extent should we be defamed? I would argue no cause historical context matters) so perfectly deserved. Not only that Amber accompany her last apology (on the JK news incident) with a TikTok that basically said “HO HO HO HATERSSS” 

If you actually mean your apology, I would say don’t turn the other cheek and make your haters look like clowns. I would say that again all this hate and negativity is wrong because nonetheless she IS helping by making her followers more aware with BLM tweets and she looks like she IS trying to help. What turns me off is that in all her tweets it doesn’t seem like she has reflected much, like she went from calling the “police did the right thing!” in March to “uh oh BLM” so fast in June and I would say that percentage wise, nobody loses their racism in 3 months. So yes the hate might be wrong, but…….


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