BLINKS "shouldn't like that" and frankly they and Hinduism deserve better

BLINKS “shouldn’t like that” and frankly they and Hinduism deserve better

“Oh Shiz this is actually quite good, OMG BlackPink finally does it again. There’s a melody there’s a good buildup and transition in energy from Jennie -> Jisoo -> Rose” – coolguy1234, 40 seconds into the song.

Everything went downhill from there. Kind of like how earlier part of this year we were all like “this is going to be the best year ever, DECADE STARTER BABY” or how Leonardo DiCaprio along with the Woman screaming “I’m on top of the world” just to have the Titanic crash later that day. It went downhill and it went downhill fast.

And it’s ashame, it really is. Small groups, new groups aside I would have thought Blackpink master their formula by now. Like a Marvel movie, their formula is pretty predictable it goes Jennie starts follow by Jisoo and then follow by Rose for a good 10 seconds, hitting the chorus where it is SUPPOSE to be catchy/simple lyrically and then rapping by Lisa. Sometimes they throw in a curveball and have the villains win for a chance like Infinity War, but come next comeback and we are back at it again with the same formula. And you know what, like Marvel movies that sells billions even though it’s the same thing over and over, Blackpink formula it works. It has produce “As if it’s your last” (for me the best Blackpink song), “Forever Young”, and even “Don’t Know What To Do”. It’s literally the same formula, even the beat is heavily synthesize and the chorus is literally the titled repeated a thousand times with maybe another line or two added in. Hell even “DDU DDU DDU” it’s dumb, it’s stupid but it’s mad catchy. It’s like Corona, you hate it but you probably already caught it without even knowing because it’s so catchy (but let’s hope you didn’t cause that would be bad). But you know why those songs work? Because it’s the SAME SAME beat throughout. The beginning beat of “DDU DDU” is the same beat they use in the chorus of “hit you with that DDU DDU DDU”. Same goes for “Forever Young” and I would argue “Don’t Know what to do” heck even freaking “Boombayah” their debut song already had the formula. Even when it’s not like “As if it’s your last” the leading up to the chorus sounds uniform, the classic heavy synth in the beginning, drop in the beat and then build up to the chorus. “How you like that” fails to achieve that, it has all the fixings of the classic formula, but then the beat suddenly change, it’s a different type of heavy synth than the melodic “up and down” buildup. It’s totally different, it’s like the first 30 seconds is the beginning of another song, and then the chorus is another set of song. The chorus fails to be catchy also, “How you like that dadadadadadada” is too long of a sentence to be catchy. “Ddu ddu” was simple two words, “As if it’s your last” was simple two words (I think they use the korean hangul which is two words. All I hear is “metronome mmmetronome” which translate to something like “as if it’s your last” or else google is lying to me). Heck I would argue that “Kill This Love” is much better, much more faithful to the formula it just fails because the beat line they chose sucked and was ear grating although both songs had horrible “catchyness” factor. And it’s sad, it really is. They have been hyped so much with this once in a lifetime comeback. Heck it took ONE YEAR to prepare and the only think that seem to be properly prepare was the intricate complex costume along with the prop. They could have subtracted that some of that preparedness and went for a freaking better song or even a catchier one.

And they really should have done that because the props and the visual of the music video (which is so “Blackpink” with the complex costume and multitude of setting) actually offended people. In the age of PC-ness and especially since Blackpink have such a substantial fan base in the West (heck they played on Jimmy’s- forgot if it was Kimmel or Fallon- Tonight Show a few hours after the song dropped it seems like) they must keep that in mind.


When is it ok to use a prop of a important Hindu God in Ganesha for a freaking music video? Lighter things have been use and has been flamed online, heck I remember a couple years ago people were saying “my culture not your prom” when a prom picture went viral online where everyone was doing the pose where you clasp to hand together like the Buddha. Now the younger generation of Hindu families might not care, and it seems a lot of Indian-BLINKS didn’t care (until BLINKS blew it up by saying Lisa over “Fake God” which basically means “Lisa”>>> religion that 1 billion of people believe in.

Or “Ganesha” was bless with Lisa visuals which is to say he wasn’t because his mom is fucking Parvati who’s a goddess who if exist would be MILLION OF TIMES hotter than a normal human being. Also Lisa isn’t even the visual of the group, if it was Jisoo at least the “visual” part would have been right. Still would have been a wrong statement though) it is still inappropriate cause I know their parents- if religious- would care a little. Heck I was visiting one of my Indian friend house where his mother was very religious woman and we got into a little argument about a Hindu myth where Parvati turned herself white because Shiva said she was hideous (cause she was dark skin. Yeah not good looks Shiva), and the mother said it didn’t exist when it ABSOLUTELY DOES but I get why she said that cause it’s not the best myth story in any sense of the word. That was something TRUTHFUL and I was flamed, Blackpink should have known better than to include Mr. Elephant God in the name of “props”. If it was a bollywood dance video, sure thing put Ganesha. This time Ganesha seems so out of context and so unnecessary I don’t know why YG Entertainment did that, but then again questionable decision was what got them to be booted out of the Big 3 in the first place so unsurprising. Now I can see why BLINKS are considered a toxic fandom.

And I heard “How You Like That” is breaking some records, most notably it has been #1 on IChart for the past couple of day


Which is highly impressive cause IChart is the only chart I trust to be honest and usually that’s the one that signify if the song is going to get a PAK. Also the song broke the Youtube’s 24 hour debut thing after BTS set it and then some guy broke it and now Blackpink topple that with 20 million views to spare. Clearly BLINKS are a bit thirsty and streamy happy and who can blame them because they not going to get another comeback in at least 1+ more years. It’s just sad that THIS is the song to break some records, cause it really shouldn’t


EDIT: SHIZ I’M A GENIUSSSSSSS. Again oh my gosh, this song did not deserve it….

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