Art of KPop (Disco v. Disco): IZ*ONE vs. WJSN (B-Sides)

Art of KPop (Disco v. Disco): IZ*ONE vs. WJSN (B-Sides)

This is your host TomHighCat and everday13 and we are back at it again with our guts ready to get a feeling for some songs! This week we pitted the recently-basically-probably-very very soon deceased group against a still very alive group full of alien girls from outer space. Get ready for the most epic last stand against alien invaders ever!!

Matchup: Gokigen Good-bye (IZ*ONE) vs. AIGOOOO (Korean translate title for WJSN), I want to be (TomHigh) Cat (IZ*ONE) vs. Starry Moment (WJSN), Pink Blusher (IZ*ONE) vs. Star (WJSN)


  • Blissful Universe | Sep 16,2022

    뱃할맛이 나는곳 먹튀검증 안전한메이져

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