Art of KPop (Disco v. Disco): BTS v. Super Junior (B-Sides)

Art of KPop (Disco v. Disco): BTS v. Super Junior (B-Sides)

This is your host TomHighCat and everday13 and we are back at it again with our guts ready to get a feeling for some songs! This week we pitted the King against a bunch of kids. It’s BTS vs. Super Junior!! Something definitely happen with the recording on Main Tracks since I only have the B-Sides. We may revisit this matchup later but my bad. Me, TomHighCat, won anyways the final score was 5-3 favoring BTS but that’s only because we removed the choreograph section (BTS latest release doesn’t have a dance. Kind of sad mate!!).

Matchups: (In this part) Adante (Super Junior) vs. Heartbeat (BTS); Mikrokosmos (BTS) vs. Haru (Super Junior); Friends (BTS) vs. Too Many Beautiful Girls (Super Junior)


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