Art of KPop (Disco v. Disco): AOA v. EXID (Main Tracks) Part 1

Art of KPop (Disco v. Disco): AOA v. EXID (Main Tracks) Part 1

This is your hosts, TomHighCat and wisely1300 back at again with another DVD segments. Finally the main tracks tape was not deleted, so here it is! If you haven’t listen to the B-sides (first part of this) then I encourage you to give it a listen. You would know that I was beating this KID 2-1. With this main tracks though, I seal my third consecutive win! To all the members of EXID, I’m apologize for my co-host SAD PERFORMANCE! He did seriously tried and I thought it was close. I kind of got lucky on the quantum realm though.

Matchups: Get Out (AOA) v. Lie (EXID); Like A Cat (AOA) v. I Love You (EXID); Heart Attack (AOA) v. Up and Down (EXID); Good Luck (AOA) v. Ah Yeah (EXID); Come See Me (AOA) v. Every Night (EXID)


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