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[Review] Back From the DE(ad)-VILS

Ah YES I HAVE ARISEN! I utmost apologize for being absent these past few weeks, law+organic chemistry+biochemistry is seriously taxing. But I finally have found time, what GLORIOUSNESS TO BE BACK IN THE REALM OF THE LIVING.

And CLC is tryna send me RIGHT BACK.

Cube’s CLC is back with … Read More “[Review] Back From the DE(ad)-VILS”


Hong Kong needs some Taylor Swift song right about now

“You need to calm down” said Taylor Swift to Hong Kong. OH NO TAYLOR SWIFT SUPPORTS HONG KONG POLICE! JK JK JK. Anyways let’s get down to it again. We are revisiting the Hong Kong situation, this would be our what… 6th time or something??? The whole Hong Kong situation … Read More “Hong Kong needs some Taylor Swift song right about now”


And Then There was….. NONE

Well Well Well, if it isn’t another Gen 2 group, DEAD AT ITS OWN HANDS. Perhaps more significant than just a KPop group breaking, I mean f(x) was never THAT big of a group compare to others, is f(x) reflecting the messy political state that Asia has gotten itself into. … Read More “And Then There was….. NONE”


When you send Mueller to a divorce two celebrities Edition!

I know this whole shenanigan was a week ago but I didn’t get around to really covering but have you guys heard of the latest not so high profile divorce between Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun? Ooooooh boy, is there let’s just say a lot of tea. I … Read More “When you send Mueller to a divorce two celebrities Edition!”

Mnet’s “Queendom” is basically the Bachelorette Part 2

Oh my another Mnet “Reality TV Show” while they are under investigation for literally messing with the votes on their other survival shows? Wow that’s a really big “middle finger” to the RESPECTABLE Korean Police department right there. Anywho, Mnet’s “Queendom” is not that popular of a show (with abysmal … Read More “Mnet’s “Queendom” is basically the Bachelorette Part 2”


[Review] X1 becomes the 5th FLASH

Ah X1, the newly form boy group from the latest season of Produce X 101. Kinda of funny that even though technically the show is under investigation ( Here), yet Mnet is still pressing on with the group debut. By now, I have no idea what the investigation is … Read More “[Review] X1 becomes the 5th FLASH”


[Review] Sunmi falls to the “La La La” Part

Hey look, it’s the FAKE “LGTBQ QUEEN”, Sunmi noona what you said back in like May was EXTREMELY HOMOPHOBIC. Wait what, it was your fans? Wow, they really want you to be gay!

You know what, Wonder Girl’s Sunmi has some very nice solo releases that always have garner … Read More “[Review] Sunmi falls to the “La La La” Part”


Ah APINK, basically the KPop equivalent to those stories about people who work until 80-90. A SHARD of Generation 2 of KPop waiting to be SNUFF OUT. Still some credit must be made to APINK, they are theorectically the only group that has NOT disbanded. All the other Gen 2 … Read More “[Review] Hayoung DOESN’T WANT TO BE HAPPY”

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[Review] Red Velvet likes Oompa Loompas for the Summer

Maybe it was the wild ride of “Zimzalabim”. Maybe the chant totally fail to cast its spell. This time around in the amusement park that is ReVeLuv Festival, this next main attraction seems pretty tamed. After lackluster performance of “Zimzalabim” this seems like a straightforward summer pop song and … Read More “[Review] Red Velvet likes Oompa Loompas for the Summer”

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Produce X 101 fans get a dose of hard truth

Wait what can you guys believe this???? Reality TV Shows are…… SCRIPTED???????? BRO WHAT???

Remember how the police did search and seizure on the Mnet headquarters upon request by Mnet because fans were accusing them that the votes were fixed? Well it seems it was true, for an audio file … Read More “Produce X 101 fans get a dose of hard truth”